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Is a KTM 125SX motor the same as a KTM 125EXC motor?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-12 20:29:44

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NO the internal part and dementioms are diffrent the transmition is very diffrrent wide ratio trans on the EXC .

2006-09-12 20:29:44
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How much horsepower does a ktm 125exc have?


How fast is a 125sx ktm?


Top speed of KTM 125SX?


How fast can a KTM 125EXC go?

With stock gearing 65-70 mph

How much does the KTM 125 SX cost?

for 2009 KTM 125SX $5998 US

How much is a KTM 125SX?

MSRP of the 09 KTM 125 SX is $5998 USD.

What is the fastest 125 dirt bike?

Ktm 125sx

How fast will a ktm 125sx go?

160 mph

What gearbox oil does a KTM 125 take?

KTM recommends Motorex Top Speed 4T15W50 for the 125SX.

How tall is a ktm 125?

The 2011 KTM 125SX seat height is 992 mm (39.1 inches)

Is a ktm 125sx a good trail bike?

A Ktm 125sx is not a good trail bike because sx means super cross so it is a good racing bike it is good for jumps and racing

What is the Oil to Gas Mix for a 2003 ktm 125sx?


Why does your ktm 125sx cut out when riding?

Fouled Plug. Ride it harder!

Top speed for a KTM 125SX?

stock gearing around 60 mph

How much oil for an oil change 2003 KTM 125SX?

.7 L

What do i need to make my ktm 125sx a 144?

bore it out its all you can do to make it a 144

How do you check oil ktm 125sx?

you dont, drain the oil and start again

What is the average price of a ktm 125sx?

2008 Base price MSRP(US) $5,498.00

Will a KTM 200sx engine fit in a 2003 KTM 125sx chasis?

Yes the frames are exact and the 200/125 share the botom end/cases.

Does the solenoid have to be touching the coil on a 125 sx ktm?

no. because there is no solenoid of any kind on a 125sx.

What is a used KTM 125SX worth?

Need to know what year it is to get the proper retail value. Click on the link below and after entering the year, go on to the KTM 125 SX.

What types of spark plugs for 07 KTM 125SX other than stock?

Hey you should look at a Br9eu

Value of a 2006 KTM 125SX?

Suggested Retail Value $2745. This is according to Kelley Blue Book 7/09

KTM 125SX oil amount?

0.7 liters engine oil using Motorex Top Speed 4T 15W50.

Can a Ktm 125sx run with a bad crank in it?

I wouldn't advise it. If it does start and run, you will cause more internal damage to the engine.