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Not quite.

A spinning bike is usually sturdier, to allow for standing riding at full effort.

A spinning bike will usually have a heavier flywheel, which give a smoother character to pedaling, more similar to real riding.

A spinning bike usually has a handle bar which allows for several different hand positions.

Some spinning bikes are fixed gears, meaning the pedals will keep spinning for a while when you go off power.

Spinning bikes will usually be more adjustable in saddle and bar fore/aft position.

Spinning bikes will usually be set up to take regular bicycle saddles, as opposed to the extra wide monstrosities often found on regular exercise bikes.

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What is the bike called in spinning?

A spinning bike, a stationary bike or an exercise bike.

What is the best cardio exercise spinning or exercise bike?

Spinning or exercise bike are so close as to make no difference. Spinning might come out slightly ahead, if done in group with someone urging you on.

What is a bike with one wheel and it started with and s and its like an exercise bike?

It's a spinning bike, a somewhat special version of a stationary exercise bike.

How to start doing a spinning workout?

It appears to be an exercise bike workout, so you'd need an exercise bike. The following article lists the pros and cons of spinning classes and what you need for them:

How much does it cost to buy an exercise bike?

Spinning is a wonderful way to lose weight and tone up. It is perfect for people that need an alternative to traditional exercise routines and is great for people who are looking for an alternative to a weight-bearing exercise. A traditional spinning bike will cost you anywhere from $250-$500 based on the features you are interested in, a great investment for serious fans of spinning.

What should I consider before spinning classes?

All exercise is great for the body, so it would be very beneficial. In addition, you can adjust the speed on the spinning bike to your comfort level. This way you are able to get the exercise you need at the right pace for you.

What is intense form of aerobic exercise performed on a stationary bike introduced in the 1980's?

It is usually referred to as 'spinning.'

What is better a treadmill or an exercise bike?

A exercise bike is better because you can get hurt on the treadmill but not on the exercise bike.

Where can I find more information on stationary exercise?

Stationary exercise is exercising when riding your bike. Some examples of stationary exercising are riding your bike through hills, forests, and other areas. You may find information on stationary exercise here,

Can I learn more info about the spin bike online?

There are many different brands of bikes that you can find online. One of the most common brands is Spinning, which is the creator of the Spinner Exercise Bike. Their website is

Best Exercise Bike?

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Exercise Bikes?

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What is the difference between a bike that is designed for spinning as opposed to a bike that looks similar (tall) but is not made for spinning?

Bicycles designed for spinning have large flywheels with mulitple levels of resistance. The flywheel spins the pedals at 85-95 revolutions per minute as opposed to a rideable bike pedal's 40-60 revolutions per minute. The spinning bike makes less of an impact on your knee joints, too.

What type of exercise bike is the best selling under $500?

There are quite a few exercise bikes to choose from for under the cost of $500. A great exercise bike to buy for under that price would be the Schwinn 220 Recumbent exercise bike.

What is a spinning workout and is it a good exercise routine?

A spinning workout refers to a fast paced exercise routine using stationary bikes. It is found to be very effective as an exercise routine and very tough as well.

Is walking more exercise or is riding your bike?

Depends on how hard, and for how long you go at it. Everything that gets you equally sweaty and winded for the same length of time will give the same amount of exercise and burn the same amount of calories.

What do bike trainers do normally?

A bike trainer is actually a piece of exercise equipment. It is a piece of equipment that is like a stationary bike that one would use for general exercise or for training for bike enthusiasts.

Is there a built-in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike?

Yes there is a built in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike.

What exercise is performed when bike riding?

It's cardiorespiratory/aerobic exercise.

What muscles are used when using an exercise bike?

Using an exercise bike works your glutes and hip flexors, plus leg muscles.

Is riding your bike as much exercise as running?

When it comes to exercise, your body doesn't care much about what you do, but it care a lot about how hard and how long you go at it.Everything that gets you equally sweaty and winded for the same amount of time will have pretty much the same exercise effect.

What do all bike brakes have in common?

They try to keep the wheels from spinning.

Can you turn regular bikes into exercise bikes?

Yes, it would be possible to turn a regular bike into an exercise bike. The way that this is done, is by mounting the bike at a level where the wheels spin, but the bike does not move. You can do this by welding metal onto the bottom of the bike, and elevating it.

What is another name for exercise bike?

Excercycle is one, stationary bike is another.

What is the difference between a spinning bike and a regular exercise bike?

A spin bike, for one, is much more stripped down than a regular exercise bike. The latest models of exercise bikes can keep track of calories burned, heart rate, and measure distance and speed. They are also programmable so that you can simulate flat roads, hilly mountains, etc. Spin bikes rarely come with any of these gizmos. There is usually only one knob for resistance that is manually controlled. Turn the knob and you will feel as if you are "climbing" on the bike. beyond this spin bikes are often fixed gear which does not allow for freewheeling. If the pedals are moving the wheels is moving. Most exercise bikes have some type of freewheeling ability.