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No, they are completely different issues.

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Q: Is a an immigrant's alien number the same as their Social Security number?
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Can you have a social security number and an alien number?

An alien number is issued by the USCIS. A Social Security number is issued by the Social Security Administration. If you are permanent resident in the United States, also referred to as a green card holder, then you must have both an alien number and a Social Security number. You typically can apply for a Social Security card after your application for permanent residence is approved by the USCIS (or the US Embassy if you are overseas).

Can an illegal alien get a social security number?

No because it is illegal.

Is there anyway a person can use the alien number to work or get a social security card?

When my husband was an alien he had a social security #. When he became a US Citizen he still has the same SS#.

Can an illegal alien with valid social security number work in US?


Can an illegal student apply for financial aid?

no. you need a social security number or alien number

Can a visitor to the US get a Social Security number?

You must be at least a Legal Resident Alien which you become when you are approved for a Green Card. Once you are approved, you can apply for a Social Security Number.

In what case would a person not have a social security number when a alien registration number has been obtained?

Correction I'm answering my own question,what would a LAPD cop do with your Social Security Number.

Can an illegal alien get a drivers license in Wisconsin?

No you need a social security number to get a license in any of the states

Can an undocumented person get a Social Security number and how?

Yes, undocumented workers sometimes fraudulently acquire counterfeit or real Social Security cards (identity theft). We can't tell you how because there is no legal way for an illegal alien to obtain a Social Security number.

Can a illegal alien have a social security card?

uh no!

What are alien number used for?

It's a number that is given to immigrants by the Govt. when they are a resident alien or alien worker (work visa) etc. It's so they can keep track of the LEGAL immigrants

If an illegal alien has a social security card does this make him or her legal in any way?

An illegal alien can't get a social security card. They are only issued to legal citizens.

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