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Is a beneficiary deed with a land description drawn up notarized and filed by a neighbor legal?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-28 20:23:02

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Yes it is legal because the retired surveyor had it notarized and recorded. It doesn't sound like there anything funny going on here and just a friend helping out with the land description. You sound like a concerned person and this lady is lucky to have you around. If you are suspicious all you have to do is go to City Hall to the Planning Dept., and see how the description of the property was drawn up. * It would only be legal if the survey is correct and if all persons named on the title to the property or their legal representatives were privy to the proceedings. If there was not a formal survey of the land to insure that the plot in question corresponded with the one on file in the land recorder's office then the document is not legal.

2006-07-28 20:23:02
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