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Yes, it's normal. It's one of the two new design for 2005 nickels. Soon you will be finding the other 2005 reverse design called "ocean in view". The motto E Pluribus Unum ("From many, one") has appeared on nickels since 1883 and on all circulating U.S. coins since around 1916, so this generally isn't a distinguishing characteristic. The most important characteristics are denomination, date, mintmark, and condition.

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Q: Is a buffalo nickel liberty p 2005 e pluribus unum normal?
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What is the value of a 1937 3 legged buffalo nickel?

Current retail values for a 1937-D buffalo nickel with three legs range from $500 if very worn, up to about $1200 in AU condition. However you would need to have the coin examined in person because there are many counterfeits made by removing the leg from a normal nickel using jeweller's tools.

What is the normal state of the element nickel?

I believe from my research that the normal/regular state of nickel is a solid.

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Normal phase of nickel?

At standard temperature and pressure, nickel is solid.

What is the Normal phase for the element nickel?

The normal phase is solid.

What is the phase of nickel 2 chloride?

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Nickel Doesn't react with water under normal conditions

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Buffalo nickel from 1936 but the 19 is worn and the upside down on the back is it worth anything?

Your coin is over 70 years old so it's not surprising that the date is worn. And if you compare it to any other nickel in your pocket, you'll see that ALL US coins have their backs oriented 180º to the front, so your nickel is perfectly normal. Please see the Related Question for more information.

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What is a new circulated nickel worth with the buffalo on one side but half of the other side is blank?

The obverse design for that nickel has a different portrait of Thomas Jefferson, with him in profile and only on the left half of the coin. See : Perhaps this is the nickel you have? If so, this is normal and has no added value. If what you have is different than this, then send me pictures of both sides of the coin, and I will try to evaluate it for you. Dan Moore

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What year nickel had a three legged buffalo?

The famous "three-legged buffalo" error occurred on 1937-D nickels when a Mint employee over-zealously polished a die. As of 02/2015 these coins sell for anywhere from $500 in the least-collectible worn state all the way up to almost $120,000 in top quality. There are many fakes made by removing the 4th leg on a normal 1937-D nickel so any apparent error coin should be professionally evaluated.

What is nickels normal phase?

Like all metals except for mercury, the normal phase of nickel is solid.

What is the value of a 2005 buffalo nickel if one side is upside down?

Please check the other coins in your pocket change. ALL current US coins have their reverse side oriented 180º to the front. A normal 2005 buffalo nickel should be oriented so that the buffalo's feet point towards the same part of the coin's rim as the top of Jefferson's head on the other side. If they aren't 180º apart you could have what's called a rotated-die error. These can be moderately valuable but you would need to have your coin inspected in person by someone who deals with error coins.

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What is the value of a 1936 Indian head nickel with the buffalo upside down?

If you check the coins in your pocket change you'll see that they all have the front and back oriented 180º to each other. The sides point oppositely when a coin is flipped side to side like the page of a book, so being "upside down" is perfectly normal. There's more information at the question "What is the value of a 1936 US nickel?"

What is the silver content of a V nickel?

Zero. The normal composition of a nickel is 25% nickel, 75% copper.The only exceptions are the famous "war nickels" made during WWII. To save nickel metal for the war effort, it was replaced with manganese and silver in nickels struck from mid-1942 to the end of 1945.

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