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Is a bull cow a bovine?


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Bull cows don't exist. It's either a bull or a cow. And a bull or a cow can be a bovine, yes, but it can be another animal like an elephant, a moose, a bison, buffalo, rhino, etc.

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A bovine is any breed of cow or bull

A cow is a mature female bovine that has already had at least two calves. A bull is a male bovine that is used to breed cows. Therefore, a bull mates with a cow to produce a calf that has a 50% chance of growing into a cow or a bull.

No. Also, there is no such thing as a "bull cow." It's either a bull (an intact male bovine used for breeding) or a cow (a mature female bovine that has had at least two calves), but never a "bull cow."

.... a bull and a bovine is a cow...why is it catergorised into dogs?

There is no such thing as a male cow. A cow is a mature female bovine that had had a calf, and a bull is an intact male bovine. So the young offspring of a bull and cow is a calf.

No. A bull is the opposite sex of a cow, and both sexes are of the species known as the Domesticated Bovine (Bos taurus and Bos indicus). A bull is the intact male that is used to breed cows, and a cow is a mature female bovine that gives birth to offspring called calves after being bred by a bull.

There is no such thing as a "female cow" nor a "male cow." "Cow" refers to the female of any species including the domestic bovine, and is not a name of a specific animal. The male of a domestic bovine is called a bull, and the female (mature) a cow. To answer your question, it is the bull that is the larger of the two in most cases, such as within breeds and when the bull and the cow are the same age. But, if you compare between breeds, such as if the bull is a Dexter and the cow a Holstein, or if the bull is much younger than the cow, then the opposite may be true.

What you're probably looking for is a cow, although, technically, there is no feminine counterpart to a steer. A steer is a castrated bull, and a bull is a male bovine. A female bovine is a cow, and you can't castrate a female.

Bull dung is excrement from the male of the bovine species. Sometimes called cow pies.

A steer is a male uncastrated bovine. They have the same scientific name as a heifer or a cow or a bull, a bovine.

The vocab word bovine means having the quality of a cow or ox: sluggish, dull. Despite the comedian's antics, the audience sat in bovine silence. bovinity, n.Bovine is an adjective meaning like a cow or bull.

The feminine version of a bull is the cow. Cows are the mature female counterpart of the bull, which is a mature male bovine.

If she's a female bovine that has had at least two calves, then she should be called a cow. If this "cow" is anything BUT the definition above, "she" would be a heifer (a female bovine that has had zero to 1 calf), a steer (a castrated male bovine), or a bull (an intact [has testes] male bovine that is used for breeding).

Usually buffalo, though both can run about as fast as the other. Bison, though, can be and have known to be a bit faster than a bovine bull or cow.

On a Bos indicus bovine, yes. On a Bos taurusbovine which would be a bull, no. That hump is of muscle, not fat.

Hippos are heavier by far. A mature bull hippo is typically twice the weight of a bovine bull.

A cow already exists as is, since it is a female bovine that has already had a calf. But, in the facts of evolution, another bull and a cow had to have mated to produce this "cow."

Cow is to bovine as pig is to porcine.

There are several, depending on what you mean specifically:cowbullsteerbovine

Since a bull is referring to an adult or mature intact male, then, since the opposite of a male is female, the opposite of a bull would be a cow, which is an adult or mature female bovine that has had at least one or two calves.

A horned cow. That's it: End of Story. A "cow" or cow with horns is NEVER nor should EVER be called a bull. Bulls are just as capable of having nor horns as cows are capable of having horns. To say that a bovine has horns makes it a bull is indicative of a person very misinformed and ignorant of bovine genetics and physiology.

The question is a bit ambiguous and rhetorical: a bull is most definitely not a cow. A bull is an intact male bovine, often mature, that is used to breed cows and heifers for the propose of producing offspring, being calves.

No, there's no such thing as a female bull. The term "bull" is used to describe the an intact male bovine used to breed cows, and "cow" is the term for a mature female bovine that has had at least two calves.

No. Cow is the term for female bovine, specifically milk producers. Bull is the term for male cattle.

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