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You have what's known as a "Magician's Coin".

This is NOT something that was done at the Mint.

This was made by altering two normal coins and gluing the altered pieces back together. Use a magnifier to check just inside the rim on one side of the coin -- you are looking for the seam where the two pieces were joined -- it could be on either side of the coin.

This type of novelty item sells regularly in Magic Shops and on for a couple dollars.

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Since this piece was made from coins with designs that have been discontinued for many years, it would bring more than one made from coins currently found in circulation. However, since no one is "making a market" in these items, about the only way to determine how much it will bring is to put it up for auction. You might search eBay to see if anything similar has been offered lately.

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Q: Is a coin with a 1935 Mercury head dime and a wheat penny back authentic?
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1935 wheat penny value?

1935 wheat cents are common, most are 3 to 10 cents.

How much is a 1935 wheat penny?

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How much is a 1935 wheat penny worth?

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1935 D wheat penny?

Average value is 3 to 10 cents.

What is the value of a 1935 wheat ear penny?

Average value is 3 to 5 cents

What is the value of a 1935 wheat penny?

If the coin is a 1935 or 1935 D vf it is worth $0.25 xf it is $1.00. If the coin is a 1935 S vf is $0.50 and xf is $1.00 USD.

1935 Wheat Penny?

In average circulated grades the value is less than one dollar.

Is a 1935 penny with liberty head on one side and wheat back penny real?

Probably not. It sounds similar to a "magician's coin" made by cutting apart 2 genuine coins and swapping the sides.

What is the value of a 1935 wheat back penny with a mid mark s?

I think you mean an "S" mintmark, depending on grade, value is 10 cents to $2.00

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How much is a 1935 bicentenial penny worth?

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Value of a 1935 penny?

About $0.25.

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Is 1935 wheat penny worth more than face value?

The good news is yes the bad news is not much over face value of course this depends on the condition of the coin. 1935 Lincoln cents are valued between $0.15 to $7.

Please show me picture of 1935 Lincoln wheat penny?

A 1935 Lincoln cent has the same design as all other wheat cents, including the 1909-S example shown above. The only difference is that for cents dated 1918 and later, the designer's initials V.D.B. (Victor David Brenner) appear under Lincoln's shoulder rather than on the reverse.

Please show picture of 1935 Lincoln wheat penny?

Copy the following link into your browser bar: or on google images.

When was Penny Kunard born?

Penny Kunard was born on April 4, 1935, in Illinois, USA.

What value for 1935 D wheat penny non copper?

It may be a wrong planchet error ( 1 cent coin struck on dime planchet) but I doubt it, take it to a dealer or collector to make sure.

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What is the value of an 1935 mercury dime 900 silver 100 copper?

1935 is not a rare date for Mercury dimes. In circulated condition, it's worth about $1 (for the silver it contains).

How much is a 1935 Mercury dime?

7-25-11>>> 1935 is a common date for Mercury dimes, most are only valued for the silver, about $2.50