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Q: Is a common mole an omnivores?
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Is the star-nosed mole an omnivore or herbivore?

they are omnivores

Is a Common mole a herbivore carnivore or omnivore?

is a common mole a herbivore

What do carnivores and omnivores have in common?

Both carnivores and omnivores are consumers

Are moles omnivore carnivore or herbivore?

the mole PEOPLE are omnivores but the moles on your face are carnivores.

What are the common omnivores of the Arctic?

Arctic foxes and arctic squirrels are both omnivores.

What common omnivores?

Bears, humans.

What do omnivores and herbivores diets have in common?

Herbivores eat plants. Omnivores eat animals and plants. The diet they have in common are plants.

What are some common omnivores in the ocean?


What is moudiwarp?

It is dialect for a common mole.

What do a mole of magnesium Mg and a mole of iron Fe have in common?

Their number of atoms.

What do a mole of magnesium (Mg) and a mole of iron (Fe) have in common?

the answer is there number of atoms

What do omnivores and carnivores have in common?

they both eat meat.

Can a mole eat a beaver?

totally not. b/c a mole is a omnivores and usually eats worms and bugs. if it was living in a habitat with no food of that kind it would probably eat one if it was dead.

What do carnivores herbivores omnivores and decomposers all have in common?

They are heterotrophs.

Common omnivores in tundra?

no i can not your soppose to give me the answer thankyou you were no help

What characteristic does one mole of carbon have in common with one mole of sodium?

One mole of carbon and one mole of sodium have exactly the same number of atoms. That is what defines the mole, Avogadro's number, 6,022 X 1023 atoms per mole is the definition of mole.

What is the scientific name for the common mole?

Sam Hawley

What does the mole have in common with the pair and the dozen?

the mole, pair & dozen are all units which denote a particular number of objects.

What kind of birds are omnivores?

Two common birds that are considered omnivores are the cassowary and the chickens. Also, corvids, choughs, and treepies are omnivore birds.

What is a common name for Heterocephalus Glaber?

naked mole rat

Is a cheetah a omnivores?

Cheetah's like common house cats are strict carnivores.

Common omnivores in deciduous forest animal?

I have no idea maybe grizzly bears

What do carnivores herbivores omnivores and scavengers have in common?

di ko alam ok.

What is the definitions of a mole in science?

a mole is the number of atoms present in twelve grams of carbon 12, the most common isotope of carbon.

What does one mole of oxygen atoms have in common with one mole of hydrogen atoms?

One mole of oxygen and one mole of hydrogen both contain the same number of atoms. This number is referred to as Avogadro's constant, 6.022 E23.