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No. But only the minor can terminate the contract.

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Q: Is a contract valid if the person is a minor?
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A contract can be valid if the person is a minor?

A minor can only make contracts if the contract involves necessary interactions. For example a minor can buy groceries while he can not buy a car.

When a person is a minor is the missing element to a valid contract called offer and acceptance?

No. A contract with a minor by definition is characterized by offer, acceptance and consideration. Minority is an affirmative defense to liability for non-performance of the contract.

What happens if you sign a contract with a minor and didn't know?

The minor can void the contract. If they affirm it after they become an adult, it would become valid.

Is a contract valid if not signed?

A contract can only be valid and legal if the person who is agreeing to the terms of the contract signs their name.

Is a contract signed by a 17 year old valid?

No it is not valid. It can be affirmed or acknowledged by the minor when they turn 18.

May a minor enforce a contract if he or she does not choose to disaffirm?

Likely yes. Under general contract law principles, it is a valid contract and fully enforceable by the minor if the minor does not choose to void it. Which is why many businesses will not enter into contracts with a minor.

Can an individual be held legally responsible for debts that occured when they were a minor?

An obligation to pay a debt is usually by contract. A contract by a minor is "voidable" meaning that it can be invalidated. However, it is not void. The difference is sometimes important because if a contract is void then someone could never be held accountable. A contract by a minor however, may later be ratified (acknowledged as valid) by that invididual. Ratifying the contract then makes the person legally responsible. If the person who signed the contract as minor does not want to be held legally responsible, he or she must formally rebuke that contract.

If you signed a contract and mailed it back to the original person who also signed it is the contract valid?

any signed contract is valid, when you mailed it back, did you register it? this is to make sure that the other person received it.

Is viodable contract is a type of valid contract?

Yes: It is a valid contract in the beginning but subsequently it changes into voidable contract due to some uncertain reasons. For example; A person do contract to B person that he will give some garments importing from London and the B accepts it, after it in the way some thing happen and the product is destroyed then a valid contract will be change in a voidable contract.

Is it possible to enter into a valid contract with a person who is insane but for whom a guardian has not been appointed?

No. If the person has been legally declared insane, then any contract between that person and another would not be valid.

What are the examples for a valid contract?

valid contract

Do you need a witness for a valid contract?

Yes, you do. Possibly Your bookkeeper and the bookkeeper of the person You are signing the contract with.

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