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No. What you're describing is called a "Circuit Split," where two or more US Courts of Appeal disagree on the interpretation of federal or constitutional law. The Ninth Circuit has an addition problem in that the Ninth is so large it typically has two 11-judge panels reviewing different cases at the same time. This can result in what's known as an Intra-Circuit Split.

The Supreme Court's goal is consistent understanding and rulings among the lower courts, so if the Ninth Circuit makes one decision and the Fourth Circuit makes a different decision on a substantially similar matter, the US Supreme Court may review the cases and make a final determination. Whatever interpretation the Supreme Court applies is binding on all the Circuit and District Courts.

For more information, see Related Questions, below.

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Do states have to accept other states court decisions as binding and legal?

No. They can be considered persuasive from one state court to another but no court is required legally to accept another state courts decision.

Which of the four fundamental forces of nature is responsible for binding quarks to one another?

Which of the four fundamental forces of nature is responsible for binding quarks to one another?

Are Circuit Court decisions binding only in that Circuit?

Yes. The Supreme Court would have to take up the case (by granting cert, or certiorari) in order to decide if one circuit's decision should apply to the entire U.S. (all circuits). For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What is a wire in a circuit?

Wires in a circuit are connectors, it allows current to pass from one part of a circuit to another.

What is the meaning of indenture?

A contract binding one party into the service of another for a specified term.

What is the hierarchy of binding precedents within the federal court system?

US Supreme Court decisions are binding on all federal courts, but are most likely to be applicable to cases heard in US District Courts or appealed to US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts. The Supreme Court's decisions are also binding on State courts if they involve constitutional amendments that have been incorporated to the states.US Court of Appeals Circuit Court decisions are binding on all US District Courts within that Circuit, but only carry persuasive precedential weight in other Circuits. The decisions are not binding on other Circuits or on any state courts. US District Court decisions are not binding on other courts, but may be cited as persuasive precedents by other courts, regardless of which Circuit the court belongs to.When US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts issue conflicting decisions on substantially similar matters (called a Circuit Split), they may induce the US Supreme Court to grant certiorari for a case that can be used to resolve or clarify the constitutional issue. The Supreme Court decision will then create a binding precedent used in deciding similar future cases.When Circuit Splits are unresolved, the individual decisions -- although conflicting -- remain binding within each Circuit, but not outside the Circuit. This raises the possibility that one or more of the other ten regional Circuits* will further complicate matters by creating a third split, resulting in inconsistent constitutional interpretations and application of law. For this reason, reviewing cases that address Circuit Splits are high on the US Supreme Court's list of priorities.* The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has special subject matter jurisdiction and is less likely to be affected by decisions made in the regional Circuits.

What is the key difference between a parallel circuit and a series circuit?

A series circuit pretty much runs in one direction, with each item which uses a load on that circuit one after another in a series. Should one load go out (a lamp, for example) then the entire series is defunct. A parallel circuit has more than one way to run, has a parallel or tandem circuit, so that if one load (our lamp, again) should fail, the electricity has another path (or more) to get to other loads on the circuit.

In a series circuit of three bulbs adding another one will?

Do nothing. But in a parallel circuit, all the bulbs will get dimmer.

How are electrons moved from one thing to another?

Electrons flow from one thing to another in a circuit. They are called a current when they flow. A circuit is a closed loop, it's made of stuff that can move the current.

What a circuit is called with more than one path through which electrons can flow?

The alternate paths are said to be "in parallel" (with one another).

Distinguish between agreement and contract?

An agreement is a promise from one party to another, it could be written or just spoken. A contract is an agreement from one party to another that is legally binding.

What is the purpose of the individual modules or components within an electronic circuit?

To pass current very easily from one part of a circuit to another.

What is an Isolators?

Isolator is swiching device which is used to connect one circuit with another

Do circuit move from one place to another?

A "circuit" means "A closed loop of some sort that something travels on". You can run a circuit around a running track, or there can be a circuit for electricity to run around, and so on.

What is the use of decoupling capacitor?

The purpose of a decoupling capacitor is to decouple one part of a circuit from another. Decouple means to provide isolation. It's used to keep unwanted interference from one part of a circuit from impacting another.

What is cascade tripping?

It's when a failure of one circuit leads to another circuit to fail. This can be intentional,for protection purpose, or it may not be intentional. Cascade tripping is common in sequenced circuit.

How do you find out what the bottom 3 fusses do on the kick plate of a 94 Toyota pick up?

one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay one is the circuit opening relay

What is the puRpose of the wire in a circuit?

The wire in a circuit acts like pipes directing water from one location to another. Wires carry the current.

What are applications of half subtractor circuit?

The optical signal processing is one of the application of the half subtractor circuit. Binary numbers is another application.

Differentiate between series and parallel circuits?

In a series circuit, the components are arranged or connected one after another. A parallel circuit has components that are arranged on different and separate loops, and they are connected in parallel. While in a series circuit, there is a single path in which electrons can flow, the current flowing through one component in a parallel circuit has no effect on another component in this arrangement.

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