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Freeview is a Television service in Europe and can be received with a set top box or a TV receiver so the way your question is worded, the answer is no. Just because the TV is digital does not mean it is freeview.

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Q: Is a digital tv receiver the same as freeview?
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What is a freeview satellite receiver?

The government provides free digital freeview digital television to viewers in blackspot areas. There is Freeview and Freesat. The difference is that Freeview is digital tv and Freesat is satellite digital tv. For more information go to

How do you change to digital TV?

Buy a new digital ready tv, get a digital receiver Sky or Freeview for your analogue tv

What does one need a freeview receiver for?

A Freeview receiver is a receiver linked to a television broadcaster. In order to access these free-to-air services, one will require a Freeview receiver.

The television has only an aerial connection can you still get freeview?

Freeview is the digital terrestrial television service for the UK. It is replacing analog services which will be switched off by 2012. To receive Freeview, either a television with a digital receiver is needed (most telvisions sold from 2008 have a digital tuner) or a separate Freeview receiver is needed. Most Freeview receivers have video and audio outputs which connect to AV inputs on the television. If a television has no AV inputs at all, then a Freeview receiver that outputs the decoded signal on the RF connector will be needed. Not all digital receivers have this function so it is important to check before buying. Before buying, ask the question "Does this receiver output its decoded signal as an analog RF signal?" It is not unknown for a salesman to say yes even if they don't know the answer. Remember that if you have asked the question and explained that it is vital to have the facility, you are entitled to a full refund if it turns out not to be the case. Better still, ask to study the manual before parting with cash.

Do all new digital televisions have freeview?

Freeview is the digital terrestrial television service for the UK and is replacing analog broadcasting. The changeover is being phased and will be complete by 2012. Any UK television on sale should have a digital receiver incorporated now. Although there may be one or two exceptions, no reputable dealer will stock televisions that do not have a digital receiver. The same should be the case worldwide wherever a digital conversion has happened or is happening. But... There will be some very rare exceptions so make sure you ask the question before handing over cash to the salesman.

Is Freeview Digital TV copyright protected?


What is Sky Freeview offering?

Sky Freeview is a digital and broadcast media provider offering 50 digital television channels and 24 radio stations to consumers. Freeview also offers high definition digital video recording.

How does Freeview broadcast their channel to TV's in the local area?

Freeview broadcasts their channels to TV's in the local area by using a digital tuner or a receiver for analogue TVs and a digital set up box. The broadcast is transmitted to local television using an aerial antenna indoor or outdoor depending on signal strength in one's location.

How do you tune a mikomi TV?

i need to tune my tv to digital it is freeview

What does a freeview recorder do?

A Freeview recorder an equipment necessary in order to receive the free-to-air digital terrestrial television channels being broadcast by the Freeview company.

How do i improve picture quality on my HD tv if i have freeview built in?

Freeview is the UK's terrestrial television service and as the name implies, provides subscription free broadcasting. In 2010 it began to offer HD services as well as SD. Many HD televisions include a Freeview receiver but is is only in 2010 onwards that they began to include an HD Freeview receiver. If the HD television is 2010 or earlier it probably does't have an HD receiver To improve the quality of image, an HD freeview set top box can be added to enable the HD channels to be received. As far as SD channels are concerned, don't expect to see any noticeable improvement in quality. The built in receiver in the television will generate exactly the same signal as the external receiver on all SD channels.

Can any digital tuner receive freeview?

Freeview is the terrestrial digital television service for the UK. Any digital tuner made for the UK market will receive Freeview, depending on the location and aerial that feeds it. Imported digital receivers are often incompatible for a number of reasons and are likely to receive nothing or a limited number of channels. Note that Freeview now offers HD channels and an HD receiver is required to receive them. Finally, some of the oldest digital receivers are no longer compatible with the current broadcasts. Receivers from the 1990s may not work today.

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