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Is a doctor a good job?


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It is a very stressful job, but pays well. And it is good in the sense that you help people by doing this job.

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It can be a good job and it pays well. But it also depends on if you have the experience and if you can do a good job helping people. Good luck!

Yes it is! a doctor is too.

So basiclly a Nurse and Doctor would be good job for an injured person. As you might have known that.

tell them you're a doctor. If they say no then they are idiots and are missing an oppurtunity :)

Yes it is a good job, although you have to study a lot, it takes time to get a good career and also remember the saying "no pain, no gain"

There will likely always be enough sick people as patients, providing a doctor can actually do a good job at making them well again.

High pay, respectable job, interesting work atmosphere, rewarding job.

Because you get the chance to save other people's lives.

Not as good as one if u get a collage degree. Dropping out gives u about no chance for a job like a doctor.

Doctor Barnado job was helping the children

Sorry, better thing is bieng a doctor.

being a specialist is the richest job for a doctor

he had a job as a doctor.

Gary Briggs is the team doctor for the Utah Jazz. As I have watched Jazz games, he does his job very good.

a doctor or maybe pharmacologist or anything you wish

Teacher Waiter Card Dealer Doctor

Education is better because then you can make money from a good job such as a doctor or a lawyer. And you can educated from going to school for a job you want to have.

Due to the shortage of doctors, the job availability for a doctor is great. There are many fields a doctor can practice in.

not a good doctor. he did a surgery on me and did a horrible job.

the job of your parent isn't what makes it good to be their child, being the child of teacher is no better then being the kid of a doctor

what the job market for doctor

There are quite a few jobs and being a doctor is one of them. This job requires a lot of schooling.

heath care mostly. such as dentist Doctor and more but lawyers make tons of money as well on of these would be a good choice for a job

It is good to go to school so you can learn a lot of stuff.So you can get a good job like a teacher,a doctor,or a scientist. or you could be home schooled.

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