Rover 75 Series

Is a ecu and bcm same item in rover 75?

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The ECU/BCM on the 2002 Buick Rendezvous CX is located underneath the Driverside seat.

To the right of the gas pedal under the dash No, it is not. Removed center console and found TCM & BCM but no ECM/ECU.

BCM stands for body control module. It is a second computer in the car that operates your turn signals, cruise control, radio, electric mirrors, headlights, tail-lights, electric sunroof, and climate controls. The BCM also stores all the data for the gauge cluster and it continually communicates with the ECU (Engine Control Unit). If for any reason the BCM and ECU can't communicate, the car will not start,

Yes all cars do this. Look for fuse lankest PCM, ECM,BCM,OR ECU

it is in you ecu witch should be under drivers seat, if not it is under passenger side dash

Its in the plenum camber. The most idiotic place on the car.

under the drivers seat in front of the ECU

it is next to the gearstick. arnt i help full ayy? ;)

on a rhd it is behind the panel, which is below the glove box on the passenger side

get your ecu checked out my 91 was doing the same thing, the ecu was bad, and the ground to the ecu was bad, which caused the "fry" to the ecu.

Gonna have to buy the Range Rover software and adapter so you can connect your computer to the ECU. or take it to the dealership, going to cost money either way.

On you find an item for only 6,99 euros !!

The brain box of the automobile is a microcomputer designed to drive the specific function according to the program in it. there are various modules in modern vehicles for controlling its designed function. The following are some of themECM "Engine Control Module"BCM "Body Control Module"ECU "Electronic Control Unit"EDU "Electronic Drive Unit" which is Injector Driver on Diesel Engines.Skid Control ECUAir bag ECUABS ECUetc.

Look to the ECU/sensors or airflow. Check the O2 sensors, air filter, etc.

Basically the same, they are interchangeable, but no noticeable power gains between the two. If you want better performance look for a tuned ecu, "Mines, Prova, Zerosports......

The ecm is the engine control module. I'm not sure what a ecu is.

no. must be the same. you may be able to get away with OBD0 (zero)

When the light stays on it means the ECU has detected a problem with the emissions system. Seek professional help from a trained mechanic.

NO you can not. It must be out of the same year and with the same everything.

Yes it will as long as the ECU is from the same drive train (E.g. 4x4, 4x2 automatic, manual.)

im goin through the same thing with a 92 civic.......may be the ECU, ECU FUSE, BAD GROUND FOR THE ECU....THATS WHAT IM GETTIN FROM ALL SORCES.....

No. The computers look for certain things. If they aren't there, or are in the wrong spot, the computer wont start the car. Its possible to use the ECU from the same car though

transmission ECU may be bad. i would recommend having the dealer look at it. overtime, the transmission will not get out of first gear without going into high revs.

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