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is a slow running fan heater going to give same heat as a fast fan heater if both 2000 running at

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Q: Is a fast blowing fan heater going to warm room up better than slow running fan heater if both heaters are same watts?
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Depends on the heater. You can have Electric heaters, propane heaters only to mention two.

For Honda accord 94' ex heater problem you just replace everything that deals with heater but there's no air blowing out you was just wandering what else you can do?

is the blower motor running? or is it just not blowing hot air?

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Are space heaters expensive to run?

Generally if the space heater is powered by electricity, you can be assured that the running cost will be high. You may be able to lower the cost be running the space heater in short bursts or during times of a lower electricity tariff.

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Turn up the inlet gas pressure on the furnace to create more BTUs.

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