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Flat panel is when the screen is less than 10 inches deep. That makes them lightweight and easily mounted on a wall. There are 4 kinds: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display,) LED (Light Emitting Diode) LED-LCD (A.K.A. LED-backlit LCD display) and plasma (nothing to put in parenthesis here.) They have always have been used on laptops and desktop computers have switched from CRT, but the first portable computer had a CRT.

Flat screen is when it has a CRT with 2 panes of glass in front of it. One acts like a lens to focus the light to all go in the same direction and another piece which is like your window except single pane, completely flat. That means the screen is flat, but the TV is over a foot deep. Flat screens are compatible with all 3 kinds of CRT. Flat screens are the only kind of TV that can easily fool people with the Redneck Flat Screen TV setup

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Q: Is a flat screen the same as a flat panel?
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Is a flat screen tv the same as an LCD?

Flat screen and LCD TVs are not the same. A flat screen TV is shaped like a traditional TV, only with the screen being flat, as opposed to the rounded screen we grew up with. LCD or flat-panel TVs are around 4-8" deep and have greater resolutions available.

Is a flat panel television better than a big screen?

A flat panel television and a big screen television are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You can have a flat panel big screen television, which is the best television of all.

What is a flat screen t.v?

A flat screen t.v is one that has a flat designed front screen. Different from a flat panel in which the full t.v is made very flat and thin, not just the display screen.

WHAT IS A lightweight display device with a shallow depth and flat screen?

Flat panel. reGee

Where can one purchase a Samsung flat panel TV?

A Samsung flat panel television can be found at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Sears and Target. People looking to buy a new television should know that flat panel does not always mean a traditional HDTV flat screen. Many flat panel televisions have a flat screen, but a standard definition view with bulky back like a bubble television. When looking for a flat screen HDTV, make sure the description mentions that it is HDTV.

What is the definition of a flat screen television?

The definition of a flat screen television is a television with a flat panel display area for viewers. The front viewing panel of the television is made of a thin material in order to keep the surface flat for better display. Many of the flat screen televisions use a liquid crystal inside for the viewing aspects.

Did nasa invent flat screen tv panels?

yes, nasa did invent the flat panel television

Where is the platinum located in a flat panel screen?

it is located at the front panel of your screens that produces good signals and clarity.

Is there a difference between flat screens and flat panels?

Some people may use the terms flat screens and flat panel interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different things. The term "flat screen refers to a computer monitor or television screen that is flat, without curves. Thus, a CRT monitor could be refered to as "flat screen." A flat panel, on the other hand, refers to a computer monitor or television (LED and plasma) with a thin body.

How heavy is the 32 inch flat screen?

The Toshiba P32LSA Flat Panel LCD TV weighs 43 pounds.

What kind of room should I choose LCD flat screen TV set for?

The room you should choose a LCD flat screen TV set for depends on how far from the TV you will be sitting. For more information go to

How do you get your computer screen to fit a large flat screen monitor?

Set your video card resolution to the same resolution that your flat screen supports.

Which monitor has the best flat screen quality?

The Sony KLH-W32 32 in LCD Monitor is a very nice flat panel.

Is a flat panel display the same as a tv?

Sometimes. All TV's now are 'flat panel' TV's, but a flat panel display could also mean a computer monitor (no TV tuner) or a commercial display panel for installation purposes (no tuner either).

Where can I get a cheap flat panel lcd tv?

You can get a good quality 27' inch flat screen television for a great price if you purchase one that is not from a big company. The website has a huge selection of inexpensive flat screen televisions.

What is the purpose of the flat screen lift?

A flat screen lift is a lift which can be installed in a bookcase or a cabinet, to display a flat panel television. The lift can be set on a remote which will bring the television out on display and, with the press of a button, return it to its hidden position.

What is the difference between flat panel and wide screen?

"Flat panel" screens refer to any screen that does not have a cathode ray tube, the large glass tube that takes so much depth inside a conventional television. Flat panel screens include plasma, LCD and LED and are normally about 5 inches deep. Wide screen describes the shape of the screen. Conventional screens are a ratio of 4 wide to 3 high. Widescreen normally refers to a ratio of 16 wide by 9 high although there are other ratios that can be described as widescreen as well. Flat panel screens and CRTs come in 4 : 3 and 16 : 9 formats. Flat panel is a thin television, widescreen is what most HDTVs are. Widescreen is basically a movie style screen. It's a lot wider than it is high.

Is my flat screen Tv compatible with HDTV service?

To find if your flat screen is compatible with HDTV service you need to know specifically what kind of TV you have. Most recent TV's are.

Who invented the flat screen tv?

Sharp was the first company to sell LCD televisions.Sharp was the first company to sell a flat-panel LCD television.

Can I get an LCD flat panel TV for less than $500?

The price of the TV depends on the size of the screen. You can get LCD flat panel TVs on Amazon for less than $500. Most are in the 19-40 inch range.

Two things you should never use to clean a flat panel LCD screen?

Windex or anything with ammonia in it.

Technology used by flat-panel dispalys to present information on a screen?

lcd (liquid crystal display)

What kind of monitors uses liquid crystal display to produce images on screen?

LCD flat panel displays.

What is the difference between a flat panel monitor and a flat panel LCD?

Flat panel monitor is lcd and led , flat panel lcd is only https:///

How to choose a flat panel TV?

Purchasing a flat panel TV is one of the best ways a person could drastically improve their home entertainment system or living room. A flat panel TV not only provides a viewer with an excellent television picture, but it is also a stylish decorating addition as well. While it can be a great addition to a home, picking the right flat panel TV can be a bit difficult. To pick the right flat panel TV, there are several considerations that should be taken.The first consideration to make when choosing a flat panel TV for your home is to choose the size of the TV. Choosing the best screen size of the flat panel TV does not necessarily mean picking the best screen size, but instead the screen size that best fits your room. The closer your main sitting area is to the TV, the smaller the screen size should be. If your couch sits less then 8 feet from the screen, then you should select a TV that is less then 40 inches. If your couch sits 12 or more feet away, then you should select a TV that has a larger and more visible screen which is 50 or more inches in size.Refresh rate is the second factor to consider when choosing a flat panel TV. The refresh rate is the rate at which the TV refreshes. A TV with a high refresh rate tends to cost more money, but provides a much clearer picture. Flat panel TVs with a refresh rate of 120hz or more will provide a great picture.When selecting a flat panel TV, you also need to find a place in your room where you can mount the screen. While a flat panel TV can sit on a TV stand, the TV is optimized by being mounted on a wall at least 6 feet of the ground. You will need to select an area of the wall where there is a heavy stud or wall that can support the TV. One of the most popular locations or a flat panel TV is above a fireplace.