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Is a flat screen the same as a flat panel?


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Flat panel is when the screen is less than 10 inches deep. That makes them lightweight and easily mounted on a wall. There are 4 kinds: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display,) LED (Light Emitting Diode) LED-LCD (A.K.A. LED-backlit LCD display) and plasma (nothing to put in parenthesis here.) They have always have been used on laptops and desktop computers have switched from CRT, but the first portable computer had a CRT.

Flat screen is when it has a CRT with 2 panes of glass in front of it. One acts like a lens to focus the light to all go in the same direction and another piece which is like your window except single pane, completely flat. That means the screen is flat, but the TV is over a foot deep. Flat screens are compatible with all 3 kinds of CRT. Flat screens are the only kind of TV that can easily fool people with the Redneck Flat Screen TV setup


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Flat screen and LCD TVs are not the same. A flat screen TV is shaped like a traditional TV, only with the screen being flat, as opposed to the rounded screen we grew up with. LCD or flat-panel TVs are around 4-8" deep and have greater resolutions available.

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A flat panel television and a big screen television are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You can have a flat panel big screen television, which is the best television of all.

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A flat screen t.v is one that has a flat designed front screen. Different from a flat panel in which the full t.v is made very flat and thin, not just the display screen.

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A Samsung flat panel television can be found at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Sears and Target. People looking to buy a new television should know that flat panel does not always mean a traditional HDTV flat screen. Many flat panel televisions have a flat screen, but a standard definition view with bulky back like a bubble television. When looking for a flat screen HDTV, make sure the description mentions that it is HDTV.

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