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Who knows? It's not your place to second guess him. Maybe he just feels ashamed that you are making a fool of yourself.

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Does Bethany's brother have a girlfriend?

No, Bethany's brother doesn't have a girlfriend. He has a boyfriend.

How can you get your brother to split up with his girlfriend?

tell your brother that his girlfriend said bad stuff about him and then same the opposite to his girlfriend

Is doodle's brother guilty of murder in The Scarlet Ibis?

Doodle' Brother was ashamed of Doodle through out the entire book so when Doodle couldn't finish the goal that his brother set for him his Brother was so ashamed that like a child ran away from Doodle. He did not intend to kill Doodle though

Why does doodle's brother teach him how to walk?

Doodle's brother teaches him to walk because he is ashamed to have a brother who is physically handicapped and because he wants to have a brother he can run, play and swim with.

How do you get payback at your brother?

Have sex with his girlfriend.

How do you make your brother get a girlfriend?

Pay him

How does your brother get a girlfriend?

Hes coo

Does mattybs brother jeebs have a girlfriend?


Why is Holden Caulfield depressed?

because he was traumatized when Allie, his younger brother died.

Does JJ from big brother have a girlfriend?

No, he is single.

What to do for a depressed ferret whos brother died recently?

get your ferret a new ferret friend.

Why was the Brother in 'The Scarlet Ibis' ashamed of Doodle's death?

Doodle's brother was ashamed of his death because he realized he had caused it by forcing Doodle to over exert himself. He understood that his motives in teaching Doodle how to walk and run came more from his embarrassment at having an invalid brother and desire to have a brother that he could play with rather than from a desire to help Doodle overcome his handicaps.

Does Mitchel have a girlfriend?

mitchell has not got a girlfriend but fancey he's brother sam craske's girlfriend Katie Patrick lool

When did George Gershwin drop out of school?

His brother died so he was extremely depressed because his dad killed his mom and his brother died from cancer.

Has the youngest brother got a girlfriend naked brothers yesno?

no but I think alex would have a girlfriend who knew his name, not just the younger brother if you get what I'm sayin.

Do guinea pigs get depressed if they live without another guinea pig?

well they dont get depressed but they would like it WAY better if it had a brother if it was a boy or a sister if it was a girl

Does corin from big brother have a girlfriend?

Yes, Corin has been with her girlfriend for almost 3 years.

In The Scarlet Ibis what did doodle want?

He wanted to earn the acceptance of his brother. He wanted to be 'normal' so his brother wasn't ashamed of him anymore.Hope that helped,-Fish '14

Is aljur and Kris are girlfriend and bf?

She is shagging your brother

Does matty b brother jeebs have a girlfriend?


How do you tactfully accuse your girlfriend of cheating on you with her brother?

Shoot her then tell your brother she got run over

What do you do if you do not like your brother's girlfriend?

Tell your brother about it. Tell her that his girlfriend makes you uncomfortable. if this doesnt work, try to make your brother look bad so shell break up with him.

How was Hamlet crazy?

Hamlet was pretending to be crazy. he was depressed about his father dying then his mother marrying his brother. some say he was not crazy some say he was. Hamlet was pretending to be crazy. he was depressed about his father dying then his mother marrying his brother. some say he was not crazy some say he was.

As a guy what do you when your girlfriend likes your old older brother?

This may sound cheesy..but talk to your brother and your gf about it.

Does annoying orange have a brother?

The annoying orange does not have a brother but does have a marshmellow girlfriend, if you see the SAW episode you will see her

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