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Yes, it sounds like he likes you very much and is making an honest effort of winning over your child. The best way to get to the heart of single parent is through their children! NEVER forget that. Always be aware who is around your child, and never trust any man completely until you get to know them better. It's best when dating a new person to just not bring them home for the first little while. When you do, then be sure you never leave your child alone with this person right away. The guy may be just fine, but you never know. Some men/women can make you believe they are interested in your child, but really, they are after you and trying to make one good impression after the other regarding you! There are a few good men out there that really do enjoy children and many young men are beginning to like ready-made families. Marcy

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Q: Is a guy interested if he constantly seeks out your child and laughs and talks to her and recently told his mom he could not speak to her because he had to speak to your child?
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