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He could be or he is just trying to start a conversation. You should ask him why he cares where he is.

but he could also trying to figure out if you have one or not. #wink wink#

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What does it mean when a guy asks a girl if she has a boyfriend?

it means that he loves her This means that he is interested in her.

Does a guy like you if he asks if you have a boyfriend?

Answeri think that might be true. if a guy likes you the way to pull the ice is to ask a girl if they have a boyfriend.

What does it mean when a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend?

He is basically asking if you are available in a different way of saying it. So he is interested in you!

What does it mean if guy asks if you have a boyfriend?

Could be simply a curiosity question. Of course, it COULD also mean he's interested :)

How a girl become a girlfriend?

A girl will become a girlfriend if.... A boy asks out that girl, or a girl asks out that guy because they like each other and the are intertested in each other and there answer is yes then they become boyfriend and girlfriend!

What if you liike a girl who's still interested in her ex-boyfriend?

If you like a girl who is still interested with her ex, then show her what kind of a guy you are. Show her your personality. When you see you and her clicking, ask her out and she just might forget her ex and try a new guy.

How do you know if a guy is TRULY interested in you?

He asks you out and asks a lot of questions about you

Is a guy interested in a girl if he text her if she has a boyfriend?

No, my friend nick texted my all the time and I was engaged.

What does it mean if a guy asks a girl you do you hate me?

Well often times when a guy asks a girl on her opinion of him it means that he may like her, and is trying to imply it. It also may mean that the girl may have done something that the guy could have seen as implication to hate. Most likely the guy is interested in the girl, and wants to know what she thinks.

If a guy asks you who you like out of him and his friend does he like you or is he just bored?

Ha that is something I as a guy do alot to see if a girl is at least the slightest bit interested in me so it probably means they are interested in you

What do you do if a guy asks you out but you have a boyfriend?

Tell him the truth.

Who asks who on the date?

guy asks girl end of

How does a teenage girl get a boyfriend?

by finding a guy she likes, flirting with him, dressing up for him, and getting him to like her so he asks her out :) or just ask a guy out herself :)

What does it mean if after a first date the guy asks the girl to call him. Is he still interested in that girl or is it a blowoff?

It might mean he's shy to call you.

Boyfriend but you like onother guy and that guy likes you but he has a girl too what should you do?

First off, DONT tell your boyfriend that and when the guy you like breaks up with his girl ask him if he's interested in you then talk awhile. If he ends up askin you out break up with your boyfriend and have a good excuse for it.

How do you say yes to a girl asks guy dance?

just say yesbut act like ur really interested

What does it mean when a guy asks your friend where you are?

If a guy is asking your friend where you are, he may be interested in you.

If a guy asks you on a date does that mean he likes you?

It means that he's interested in you. But in what way is he interested?

If a guy asks a girl if he can carry the girl does that mean the guy has a crush on the girl?

yes or the guy is just flirting with the girl

If a guy asks his friend who is a girl what is the situation with you and another girl what does it mean?

He may be trying to find out information about this girl, possibly wondering if you two are together as he may be interested in her or even jealous of you.

What does it mean when a guy asks another guy is she your regular thing?

it means he's interested in you, or her.

What does it mean if a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend?

he might be wanting to ask you out

What if a girl asks a guy out and the guy says no?

The girl should go home and cry

What does it mean if a guy stares at a girl when she is talking to somebody?

Either the guy is interested in that girl, or he just was interested in what she was saying.

Why does a guy who is interested in you and also your boyfriend ignore you?


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