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This is a very hard question to answer because none of us can see how he acts around you. He could ooze sexuality and doesn't even realize it or you are misreading friendly gestures as nothing more than friendship and second-guessing it as a sexual relationship. I still have my best male friend (who introduced me to my 2nd husband) and he hugs me, gives me a kiss on the cheek, pinches my butt just to get a rise out of me and strangely enough I don't find it as offensive as a person that doesn't know me that well. It's purely a friendship. I would tell this guy to knock off the teasing and ask you out! Get to the root of it fast! Tell it like it is!

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How would a gay guy get a straight guy interested in him?

A gay man cannot get a straight man interested him him sexually. Just as a straight woman cannot get gay man interested in her sexually. It doesn't work like that.

How do you tell if guy likes you or just teases you for fun?

if a guy likes you he would want you to hang out with him and be alone with him but if he teases you u would know it of his attitude and the way he treats you and if he teases you he would tell his friends rumors and i hope you find out if he likes or not=s

What do you do if someone tries to hold your hand but you are not interested?

you tell him or her that your not interested and that we are just friends.

How can you tell if a guy is just teasing you?

If he is just teasing you he will seem more standoffish towards you and not so nice besides just the teasing but if he treats you nice in general as well as teases you he is likely interested.

How do you react when a gay person says they like you?

They appropriate reaction is to say thank you or to be friendly.If they indicate they are interested in you sexually, and you are not interested, then you would just tell them you are not interested, just as you would tell member of the opposite sex who you weren't interested in.

If a guy teases you about another guy who likes you does that mean he's jealous or he just wants you to get the message that he's not interested?

If a guy teases you it's because he is the spawn of the devil and wants to be mean to you. You will then probably think he likes you so he will have sex with you and then crap on your chest after wards and leave you

How do you know if a guy's interested in you?

he flirts with you...teases you...gets close to you..talks to you..u just know...u like have this feelin inside you sayin..this guy maybe likes me...or wow he could be girly like that

What makes you want to suck a guys penise and im a guy?

You are either gay or bi or just interested in it sexually.

U like someone she just want to be friends?

then she is not interested move on!

Why does he keep emailing you if he's not interested?

maybe he just wants to be friends

What does it mean if a guy just wants to be friends?

It means that he's not interested in you

What to do when a girl you just met says theres something about you but can you just be friends for now?

It just means she wants be friends and really isn't interested in anything more with you.

What does it mean when a guy says he just wants to be friends?

that he wants to be friends. He is interested in dating other people besides you

What to do when your friends with this boy but you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend but he just want sex?

Hes obviously not interested in YOU. All hes interested in is your vagina.

How can you make friends with a guy without having him think you are interested?

just be friends with him like u r with all other friends, just dont be all touchy touchy and flirty just act like he is just one of the girls

How can you tell if this girl that you like likes you and She all of a sudden started to talk to you more often and you always catch her staring at you Is there anything else to look for?

FLIRT! That's how relationships get started. It doesnt have to be hardcore! Just compliment her. If she makes fun or teases you about it or says "aww thanks" but doesnt seem shy about it at all, she's probably just interested in being friends. And don't make it akward. You could ask her if she would be interested in going out with a guy like you. If she hesitates, she just wants to be friends (for now). But you COULD always just ask her out and if she rejects you, its OKAY!! That happens sometimes. It just wasnt meant to be and you will find someone that wants to be with you. You wont be alone forever!!

Why am i attracted to guys but I'm not gay?

You can have close male friends without being gay, just like anyone can have close friends of the same gender. I have many male friends who I am not sexually attracted to.

What do you do if your guy friend playfully teases you and you like him?

Most likely you will get exited. It may not always be that way, though. he may think of you as one of his good friends. or he's just messing around.

Why does one lad stare at you and try to get your attention while the other lad just teases and stares mores than 5 seconds?

Boys have a strange way of showing they may like you and both seem that they are interested in you.

What do you do when a guy says he wants to be just friends but says it in quotation marks such as We are always going to be just friends?

He is highly not interested in you. Being 'friends' means he might not even want to talk to you and you're more of a nuisance to him.

Does a guy who chats to you on Facebook every night at the same time for hours. Is he interested?

For sure he is interested. But you do not know if he is just interested in being friends or if he is interested in being your boyfriend. So you must ask him, to know what he wants from you.

Do turtles reproduce sexually or asexually?

just sexually

Do lions reproduce asexually and sexually?

No...just sexually.

Why does he tease you?

If someone teases you it may mean that he fancies you. If a guy teases you it usually means he wants to get your attention or see how you react. When he teases you, just smile at him. However, it doesn't always mean he likes you. It may be the opposite. I suppose it depends on whether the teasing is mean or not...

What does it mean when a guy teases and is sarcastic?

He either Likes you, hates you, or is just joking with you.