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Is a nickel with half a face showing worth any money?


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2010-02-18 01:01:54

If you are looking at a 2005 nickel with the new portrait of Jefferson, it's worth five cents.

Jefferson's portrait was redesigned for the 2005 nickels, so all 2005 nickels look this way.


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Canadian money does not actually have a nickel. They have what is called a five cent piece. A 2002 Canadian 5ยข piece is only worth face value.

Nope. It's only worth face value. These are very very common coins.

a 2004 nickel has nothing special about it. so it is worth its face value of 5 cents

Unless it's uncirculated, face value only.

Almost all are worth more than face value

Yes. 5 cents. The obverse of the nickel was redesigned in 2005. They all look like that.

It's an ordinary circulation coin worth only face value.

Unless it's uncirculated it is only worth face value.

A 1957 nickel is worth face value only, unless it's uncirculated or a proof coin.

In average condition, both coins are only worth their face value.

Are copper nickel and are worth face value. Nothing more.

If you got it in change, just spend it because it is only worth face value.

Face value. Victory nickels are worth 5 cents. The exception is the 1944 coin made of an alloy called Tombac. They are incredibly rare, worth @ $10,000. The steel nickel is worth .10cents (in mint).

That's just a regular 2006 nickel. That face is President Jefferson. The coin contains absolutely no silver, and is worth exactly 5 cents.

Not silver - copper-nickel. Face value only.

The coin is still in circulation today and has face value only.

If you got it in change it's only worth face value.

The coin is still found in circulation and is face value

Face value only, although technically it might be worth 7 or 8 cents for its pure-nickel metal.

Liberty nickels were made from 1883 to 1912. Your coin is a common Jefferson nickel and is only worth face value.

A 2005 nickel isn't old or rare enough to be worth anything above face value, so a roll is worth $2.

The value or worth of a French nickel in America will depend on its age and condition. It is always best to assume that the coin would only be worth face value. It is best to have the specific coin appraised.

Face value only, although technically it might be worth 7 or 8 cents for its pure-nickel metal content.

Liberty nickels were struck from 1883 to 1912. Your coin is a common Jefferson nickel, millions are in circulation and the coin is face value.

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