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A nurse practitioner is not a doctor. An NP is an advanced practice nurse.

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Q: Is a nurse practitioner a doctor?
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Which gets more money doctor or nurse practitioner?


Is a pediatric nurse and a nurse practitioner the same thing?

No they aren't. A pediatric nurse is a nurse who deals only with children. A nurse practitioner is basically a mini doctor who deals with people of all ages.

What is the difference between nurse practitioners and regular nurses?

A nurse practitioner has more training than a nurse and knows so much more. But a nurse practitioner does not have as much training as a doctor. Whenever possible, it would be best to see a real doctor.

What do you call a Nurse Practitioner?

Very often a Nurse Practitioner is called "doctor"...or by first name. Same applies to PA's..Physician Assistants

What does FNP stand for after a doctor's name?

Family Nurse Practitioner

What does CNP after a doctor's name stand for?

CNP = Certified Nurse Practitioner. So technically, your "doctor" is actually a highly trained nurse.

What is the average starting salary of a nurse practitioner in North Carolina?

The average starting salary would be around 75,000 dollars a year in North Carolina. A nurse practitioner is between a nurse and a doctor.

What are some great Nurse Practicioner Jobs?

"There's various types of Nurse Practitioner jobs including Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Rehabilitation Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, etc. These are all great nurse practitioner jobs, though the best is personal preference."

What is the abbreviation for nurse practitioner?

NP is the abbreviation for nurse practitioner.

Is an Advanced nurse practitioner better than a Family Nurse practitioner?

No, a family nurse practitioner is one subspecialty of advanced nurse practitioners.

How do you say nurse practitioner in Spanish?

Enfermera/enfermero calificada/o para trabajar de doctor/a. Enfermera practicante does not make sense because it is the literal translation of Nurse Practitioner and people will think you are a qualified practicing nurse.

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'ANP' after a doctor's name?

ANP means Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

How long does a Doctor have to sign a death certificate in New York State?

In most states, a doctor or doctor's practitioner assistant or certified nurse practitioner has 72 hours after receiving the certificate of death to sign it and get back to the funeral service practitioner so it can go to state registrar.

What is the difference between a nurse and a nurse practitioner?

A Nurse have a degree in nursing science and can not practice alone but a Nurse Practioner has a master degree and ca Practice on their own or partner with a doctor .

Can a nurse practitioner become a doctor?

A nurse can enter a Medical School, take the same classes as medical students, and become a Physician.

What nurse practitioner do?

I see a nurse practitioner on a regular basis. A nurse practitioner is able to write out prescriptions to patients, and complete physical exams on patients.

Can a nurse change a doctor prescription with out premission?

No. That would be practicing medicine without a license. However, if the doctor has allowed you to be treated by a nurse practitioner, he or she may prescribe you a different med, and the doctor will sign off on it later.

Can a nurse practitioner take the place of a doctor?

In some cases, an NP can take the place of a doctor, and in other situations, an NP may not.

How old you should be to be a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner typically has a master's degree, and is at least 24 years old. The average nurse practitioner is significantly older.

Can you be a nurse practitioner with a felony?

A person cannot even be a nurse with a felony, let alone become a nurse practitioner.

What are the pay differences in a clinical nurse specialist and a nurse practitioner?

Generally a nurse practitioner will get paid much more.

Can a nurse practitioner function as a nurse if her job title and description is that of a nurse practitioner?

Yes the NP can; as the NP has a RN.

What is a related occupation to nurse practitioner?

The related occupation to a nurse practitioner is a physician's assistant.

What is the difference between a Cardiac nurse and a Cardiac nurse practitioner?

A cardiac nurse is a registered nurse in the field of cardiac care (ie the cardiac floor of a hospital) treating and caring for patients under the direction of a doctor. A Cardiac Nurse Practitioner (depending upon the state) may or may not work under a doctor but has their RN in addition to a more advanced nursing license and can often diagnose heart conditions and prescribe medications.

What type of degree do you need to be a nurse practitioner?

Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.Typically, the minimum degree required as a nurse practitioner is a masters degree.