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2006-07-26 20:26:01
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Who is responsible for medical insurance for children of a divorce living in pa?

The father is usually always the person responsible for the insurance.

In Florida can parents be held responsible for 18 year old living on their own?

Criminally, no. An adult, whether they're living with their parents or not, is fully responsible for them self. The eighteen-year-old, and he alone, can and will be held responsible for their own actions. In civil matters, it may depend on the circumstance. If the parent co-signed on any kind of loan or payment for the eighteen-year-old, and the eighteen-year-old does not keep up with the payments, the cosigner can be held responsible for those payments.

Are you responsible to carry insurance for your 18 year old daughter who is in high school but living with her boyfriend and has no contact with us?

if she thinks shes responsible enough to move out and have no contact with you,let her worry about her own insurance.

Is the mother of an 18 year old living at home responsible for damages he causes in an auto accident if the car and insurance are in his name?


Are you responsible for your living spouses medical bills in Virginia?

It is normal to have responsibility for it. The insurance often also required the spouse to accept responsibility and the primary insurance holder is always required to do so.

Is living with a seventeen year old illegal when you are eighteen?

Not normaly.

How old does a child have to be to choose to stop living with the custodial parent?


Your unisured daughter who is 20 and not living homeincured a 1300 hospital bill Are you responsible?

If your daughter is over 18, she's considered an adult and financially responsible for herself, assuming she's not a full-time student, not living a home and she's not on your insurance policy. The hospital will attempt to collect the debt from her.

Does living at home affect an eighteen year old's ability to purchase his own car insurance in NY state?

No. The only thing that might matter is they will have to list the household members as drivers on the policy because they will access to the vehicle.

If you are eighteen still living at home can your parents tell you what you can and cannot do outside of their home?

If you are living in their house, you should live by their rules.

What do enzymes do in living systems?

Enzymes in a living system are typically responsible for digestion. Enzymes can also be responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

Which body system is responsible for creating a new living organism?

The reproductive system is responsible for creating a new living organism.

Does a parent have to carry auto insurance on a 20 year old daughter who is a full time student living out of state year round?

It depends on whether she is driving a car registered to you, or to her. If she's driving a car registered to you or to the both of you, then you are responsible for the insurance as well. If she's driving a car that is registered to her without your name on the registration, then legally you are not required to carry insurance on her, as she is already over the age of 18. In this case, it does not matter whether she is a full time student or not, she is responsible for her own insurance.

How do you kick your daughter's boyfriend out of your house?

well, if she's under eighteen and living with you..just tell him to get out. that approach would work nicely. if she's over eighteen and still living with have a right as to who you want in your house and who you don't. tell him that you don't want him there anymore.

Can your girlfriends mom sue you for your girlfriends hospital bill during pregnancy?

If you are adults you and the girlfriend are both responsible for that bill, not just you. If she is a minor living with her parents she will be on their insurance and they still have to care for her pregnancy or not.

If you have eighteen nieces and nephews which of your living female blood relatives themselves has the most living descendants?

Why are you asking me? I think they're asking anyone

What are your rights as an eighteen-year-old living with your parents?

You have the same rights as any other adult but if your living with them then you have to suffer their consiquences.

How can one living in the UK get insurance for the contents of their house?

One may get insurance for the contents of their house while living in the UK through Barclays. They provide home insurance as well as content insurance and offer free quotes online.

Can you move out at 19?

Yes. In fact, one can move out at eighteen if you're living in the United States.

Minimum age of trustee in a living trust?

The age of majority to sign legal documents is eighteen.

Are parents responsible for adult children without medical insurance in ma?

Some medical insurance plans will cover an adult child up to about age 24 under certain circumstances. Some plans will cover them if they are in college, living at home or are permanent dependents of the parents.

Does medical insurance cover assisted living costs?

It depends on the specific health insurance plan your mother has. If she has what is known as "Long-Term Care Insurance" then yes, the costs of assisted living will be covered by the insurance. You should contact her insurance provider for more details about her specific situation.

Are you liable for any unpaid copay charges on your 18.5 yr old stepson who lives with his girlfriend?

If you live in a state where an 18 year old is a legal adult then that adult is legally responsible for himself or herself. He or she is responsible for his own debts and liabilities. You are not liable for co-pays on his medical bills. If you are covering your adult child on your health insurance you are responsible to pay the premiums. If you choose not to cover your adult child on your health insurance plan you are not required to keep him or her covered under your plan. He or she is responsible to obtain their own health insurance plan if you choose not to put him on your plan. Most insurance plans will not place an adult child on your insurance plan if he or she is not attending school....and there can be restrictions on the amount of classes a student is taking to qualify to stay on your health insurance plan. Any adult child living in your home you are not legally responsible to provide health insurance, pay his or her bills or medical bills. You are even legally allowed to charge that adult child for expenses incurred by him or her.

How can I get photographer insurance?

Yes, photographer insurance is available. This involves the insurance of photographic equipment, essential for a photographer's living. Photographer insurance can be applied for at all major insurance brokers

Are you legally responsible for the medical bills of your living spouse in PA?

Yes, as a married couple, you are responsible for all expenses incurred by both of you. If the shoe was on the other foot, she would be responsible for your bills. If the billing somehow is in error, call the doctor's billing office and see if they can help regarding the collection agency. Otherwise, hold tight on the collection people: wife can tell them you are working with the original creditor. Ask the Dr. for a copy of the bill and help in solving the issues of non-payment. Then, determine if they sent the claim to the right primary insurance first. You might have to have them bill the remainder to the secondary insurance. Find out from them what the coverage is. It is just a pain in the neck to follow through on all of this stuff; eventually it will get paid. If not, you can also get with the board of insurance. BTW, get the name of each person you call and keep a log.