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Q: Is a parent still responsible for an eighteen year old child living at home regarding auto insurance even if the child has their own auto policy?
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Who is responsible for medical insurance for children of a divorce living in pa?

The father is usually always the person responsible for the insurance.

In Florida can parents be held responsible for 18 year old living on their own?

Criminally, no. An adult, whether they're living with their parents or not, is fully responsible for them self. The eighteen-year-old, and he alone, can and will be held responsible for their own actions. In civil matters, it may depend on the circumstance. If the parent co-signed on any kind of loan or payment for the eighteen-year-old, and the eighteen-year-old does not keep up with the payments, the cosigner can be held responsible for those payments.

Are you responsible to carry insurance for your 18 year old daughter who is in high school but living with her boyfriend and has no contact with us?

if she thinks shes responsible enough to move out and have no contact with you,let her worry about her own insurance.

Is the mother of an 18 year old living at home responsible for damages he causes in an auto accident if the car and insurance are in his name?


Are you responsible for your living spouses medical bills in Virginia?

It is normal to have responsibility for it. The insurance often also required the spouse to accept responsibility and the primary insurance holder is always required to do so.

Is living with a seventeen year old illegal when you are eighteen?

Not normaly.

How old does a child have to be to choose to stop living with the custodial parent?


Your unisured daughter who is 20 and not living homeincured a 1300 hospital bill Are you responsible?

If your daughter is over 18, she's considered an adult and financially responsible for herself, assuming she's not a full-time student, not living a home and she's not on your insurance policy. The hospital will attempt to collect the debt from her.

What are your rights as an eighteen-year-old living with your parents?

You have the same rights as any other adult but if your living with them then you have to suffer their consiquences.

If you are eighteen still living at home can your parents tell you what you can and cannot do outside of their home?

If you are living in their house, you should live by their rules.

Does living at home affect an eighteen year old's ability to purchase his own car insurance in NY state?

No. The only thing that might matter is they will have to list the household members as drivers on the policy because they will access to the vehicle.

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The reproductive system is responsible for creating a new living organism.

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