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No, but ultrasonography is.

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An examination of the internal female reproductive organs?

The pelvic examination

What is a pelvic examination about?

The purpose of a pelvic examination is to check the female reproductive system for signs of disease. During a pelvic examination, a cervical smear sample may be taken. This sample can be tested in the laboratory for signs of cervical cancer.

What are the risks associated with a pelvic exam?

Other than minor discomfort, there are no risks associated with a routine pelvic examination.

What does it mean when your pelvic area is hard?

You could be pregnant. Or have pelvic inflammatory disease.

What can be the cause of your pelvic area feeling hard and swollen?

pelvic immflamatory disease or pregnant

Can a doctor tell you are pregnant by a pelvic exam as early as 5 weeks?

There is no point in doing a pelvic exam at 5 weeks. A sonogram will show if you are pregnant.

What is the correct code for a pelvic examination without a PAP Smear?

The correct code is based on the reason for the pelvic examination. You may use a preventive E&M code, or, if there were complaints, an E&M in the 9921- or 9920- series.

Has anybody pelvic exam was wrong about pregnancy?

No, never, they are 100% accurate

Can you get pregnant if you have a pelvic inflammatory disease?

Pelvic inflammatory disease may affect future fertility, but most people who have had pelvic inflammatory disease can get pregnant, and should use some method of birth control if they are not seeking pregnancy. While you are under treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease, you should abstain from sex.

What patient complaints compel the doctor to use a pelvic ultrasound?

It is a common initial step after physical examination when a patient complains of pelvic pain or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Why do they take cervix cells during a pelvic exam?

Cervical cells are collected during some pelvic exams for a Pap smear, an examination to screen for cancer of the cervix.

How does the pelvic exam begin?

The examination begins by checking the external genitalia for any sores or irregularities.

Can you get pregnant after being treated for pelvic inflammatory disease?


Can a doctor tell if your pregnant if you have pelvic inflammatory disease?

Pregnancy testing is not affected by pelvic inflammatory disease . A pregnancy test will still work, so your doctor can tell if you're pregnant.

Describe a pelvic ultrasound procedure?

The pregnant woman will lie on an examination table, gel is applied to the abdomen. A hand-held scanner is moved over the area, sound waves are reflected back to an image on a display screen.

Could the doctor do only a bi-manual exam and no pelvic exam and tell if you are pregnant?

A bi-manual exam IS a pelvic exam and there is no reason for a doctor to do one just to check if you are pregnant. An ultrasound will show far more than a pelvic esam ever could.

Can a doctor tell you are pregnant eleven days after conception by using pelvic exam?

Normally urine test is common practice to know pregnancy not so early. at least 20 to 30 days needed that is after missing period. Pelvic examination may not be the best method. BUT self can under stand the situation with her severe abdominal pain after formation of zygote

How is cervicitis diagnosed?

The standard method of diagnosing cervicitis is through a pelvic examination or a Pap smear. During the pelvic exam, the physician usually swabs the affected area, and then sends the tissue sample to a laboratory.

At 14 weeks pregnant where in the stomach is the baby postioned?

At 14 weeks pregnant the baby is still positioned mostly behind the pelvic bone. The growth of a uterus at 14 weeks gestation is about a inch above the top of the pelvic bone.

Pregnant women with this sexually transmitted disease have infections in the womb and fallopian tubes which is known as pelvic inflammatory disease.?

Pregnant women with this sexually transmitted disease have infections in the womb and fallopian tubes which is known as pelvic inflammatory disease.

What pelvic organ can be readily palpated through the skin?

A full bladder, pregnant uterus, or full descending colon are pelvic organs that can be palpated through the skin.

Can uterine cancer be prevented?

The best preventive measure against uterine cancer is an annual pelvic examination and Pap test.

Can I be pregnant if I have pain in my pelvic area?

I think you could be pregnant! If that's apart of the symptoms.. Best thing to do is go and see a doctor!

Can your girlfriend be pregnant if her pelvic bone hurts and she has not had her period yet?

possibly, if the egg is present and so is sperm it could happen also the pelvic bone probably has nothing to to with it

What organs are protected by the pelvic girdle?

The pelvic girdle protects the urinary bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles.

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