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Ripened green peppers can turn red, but true red peppers grow red (not green).

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Green pepper plant?

Most peppers are green. As they ripen many will turn red. Bell Boy is a very popular green pepper. It also turns red when fully ripe.

What is the color variations of a strawberry?

the varations of colour on are straberry are red when they are ripe and white and green when not ripe the varations of colour on are straberry are red when they are ripe and white and green when not ripe the varations of colour on are straberry are red when they are ripe and white and green when not ripe

What color are strawberries?

When they are not ripe they are green, but they are red when ripe.

Why are red tomatoes not ripe?

They are. Its the green ones that aren't ripe.

How do you know a cowhorn pepper is ripe?

Varys in size. When ripe there deep green in color and feels thick when squeezed.

Are red apples better for you than green ones?

Some apples are red when they are ripe and some are green when they are ripe. Neither type is "better for you" than the other. Those apples that are red when ripe are often green when they are not ripe. Eating those kinds of green apples (unripe apples) is not good for you. That is the only sense in which red apples are "better for you" than green apples.

What is the nutritional difference between a red and green pepper?

If you're talking about Capsicum annum -- commonly known as the bell pepper -- the difference is minimal. Green peppers are the not-fully-ripe versions of the red, yellow, and orange varieties. Bell peppers are not hot, since they contain no capsaicin.

What colour is a ripe tomato?

Red not Green or Orange, but Red

What color is the Cowhorn pepper when ripe?

Red and may have streaks of blue/black.

When is a red pepper mature?

When it is red, not green.

What color can bananas be?

Green if not ripe, yellow if ripe, brown to black if bruised or overripe. There are some bananas that are red when ripe.

What is red pepper?

Dried skins of ripe chili peppers. Available in flakes or powder.

Are sweet peppers different from red or green peppers?

Sweet pepper is another term for red, yellow or green bell pepper.

When are granny smith apples ripe?

when they start to red and green

What color are pepper plants?

Pepper plants can be red, green, sometimes orange

What could you use instead of ground black pepper?

white or red pepper as well as green pepper

What color is a bannana?

Yellow when ripe but when unripe they are green and when they are over ripe they are brown and mushy. --some are yellow, some are dark red, some are green, (even when ripe). it all depends on the type of banana.

Is a tomato always red?

Yes, only when it is ripe otherwise it is green

Are red tomatoes really green tomatoes?

All tomatoes that are red have passed through a phase of being green before they are ripe.

Are green bananas ripe?

No, green bananas are under ripe. Bananas go from green to yellow to brown (ripe).

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