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No, a primary source is an original document or an actual witness.

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It depends on the content of the report. If the report contains firsthand accounts or original research findings, then it could be considered a primary source. If the report summarizes or analyzes previous research, then it would be considered a secondary source.

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Q: Is a report a primary source?
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Is a book a primary source or secondary?

Primary - as it is a document produced at the time. It is not some later report.

A firsthand report or eyewitness account is an example of what type of data source?


Is a commentary a secondary source?

Yes, a commentary is a secondary source. A primary source is a first hand account of an event. I.e. I was at the corner when a five car pile up happened. When the police question me, the account I give them is a primary source.A secondary source is an after-the-fact account of events gathered from a primary source. A commentary is derived after reading a written article or watching a film, this the commentators commentary is secondary to what they were watching, reading, or listening too.

What is source material?

Source material is what a person uses when they are writing a report or essay. Sources are generally categorized into primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.

What is something written or created by a person who witnessed a historical event?

a primary source

When conducting research for a historical investigative report you can use diaries as what type of research document?

primary source document

Is a diary primary or secondary?

It is a primary source.

Is a picture a primary or secondary source?

A picture can indeed be a primary source.

Is the Rosetta stone secondary or primary source?

it is a primary source

Could a photograph be considered a primary source Why or why not?

It is a primary source because it was taken at the time.

Is a a coin a primary source?

yes,a coin is a primary source

Is the Declaration of Independence a primary source or a secondary source?