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Is a repossession agent allowed to take your car out of the garage?


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As a rule, NO. There are a couple of ways it can be done, usually on older homes and not very often. Depends on the design of the house. Especially, NOT if the door is LOCKED.

Not always "No", rooster.

It can be done in some cases, and the law on this varies from state to state.


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No, a juvenile cannot enter into such an agreement and the repossession agent could be held legally accountable for attempting/taking part in such action.

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Only if they want to be charged with kidnapping. NO.

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They repo agent will take it when your not looking. The agent still has a job to do and only get paid if the jod is complete.

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Depending on the state you reside in the procedure in order to get a repossession stopped is difficult. One of the few ways to stop a repossession is if a "breach of the peace" were to take place such as your car being in a locked garage or a threat of force was issued.

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Yes. It is perfectly legal for a repossession agent to take possession of a vehicle when they are acting on behalf of the lender. The repossession agency does not have the option of allowing the borrower to retain the vehicle even though proof is presented that payments have been rendered. Such issues are strictly between the borrower and the lender. The lender and/or court being the only parties that can rescind the repossession action.

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