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Can a company take possession of your vehicle if it is on private property?

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AnswerYes, as long as it is not inside a garage or building that is either locked or unlocked. The other exception is the repossession agency may not commit a breach of peace as defined by state law while recovering a vehicle..

Also the repossession agency is not allowed to cause property damage in order to take possession of the vehicle,such as if the vehicle has a chain/cable wrapped around the rear axle secured to a pole with a padlock..They can not cut the chain/cable or the padlock because doing so is malicious destruction of property....

2011-01-15 02:23:30
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Is a private leinholder of a vehicle liable for the actions of the person who has possession of the vehicle?


Can someone remove a car from private property without asking owner to remove it himself not a repossession company?

The owner of the property where the vehicle is located can remove it/ have it removed, in most cases without the necessity of notifying the owner of the vehicle.

Is it trespassing if you are a passenger in a vehicle entering private property?

If the vehicle is trespassing and you are inside it then you are trespassing.

Can an unlicensed driver operate a vehicle on private property with the owners consent?

Unlicensed drivers cannot operate a vehicle on private property. The insurance for the vehicle will not allow unlicensed drivers. Most states require every vehicle in operation to be insured.

How do you remove a abandoned vehicle in Surrey BC Canada from private property?

have it towed away. as long as you have the private property owners permission.

Can the police or tow companies impound a vehicle from private property?

no they can not

Can you get a traffic ticket on private property in pa?

If you are in Philadelphia PA Department of License and Inspections can give you a ticket on your vehicle on private property if it is not legal or there are to many vehicles on your property.

Can an uninsured vehicle be parked in a driveway?

In the UK it can, if the driveway is private property.

Can a repo company take your car from behind a locked gate in California?

No one has the right to enter your property to repo a vehicle. I your vehicle is out in the street, then its fair game. If you see the repo man coming but has not hooked up to your vehicle, you legally still have possession of the vehicle. Once the vehicle has made contact with the truck the vehicle belongs to him.

Can a vehicle owner personally tow their vehicle off someone else's private property?

I would not go on private property to get your vehicle without the police being present. You may end up in a conundrum. Contact the local police and explain the situation.

Is it illegal to have a vehicle towed without warning in NC?

If the vehicle is illegally parked the police do not need your permission to tow it. The owner of private property can request a vehicle be towed if the vehicle is not authorized to park on the private property. There are other reasons in various jurisdictions for which a vehicle may be legally towed without notice to the owner.

How do i get rid of an abandon vehicle on private property in wash state?

Call the police

Is there a fine in the city of Tacoma for having a car with expired tags on private property?

You cannot be fined or issued a citation for having expired tags on a vehicle which is on private property. However when the vehicle is on a public roadway you can be issued a citation.

Can a repo company come onto private property to obtain vehicle in the state of TN?

Yes as long as he does not go into a garage or cuts a lock to enter through a fence

Do you have to have a tag on a vehicle that you don't drive?

If the vehicle is parked on a public street, you need a tag. If it is on private property you don't.

Do you need a cdl on private property in Ohio?

Technically, yes - you're supposed to be licensed to even be in actual physical control of the vehicle. However, this is not enforceable on private property.

Can a finance company change your registration when trying to repossess your car?

Is it legal to? NoIs it possible to? NoThe finance company does not have possession of the vehicle so can do nothing with the paperwork on that vehicle until the do secure possess of it.

Can the police impound a vehicle from private property?

Yes, if they have a court order and/or if the vehicle is listed as stolen and/or used in the commission of a crime.

Parked vehicle damaged on private property who is responsible for damages?

The person who caused the damage.

Do you need a permit to sell a vehicle on private property?

Depending which state you live in, most states let you sell three cars a year from private property with out permits or license.

What if the property from where the vehicle was towed was a private residence that was owned by somebody else and not the signer of the loan or lease?

If the repossession agent can get to the vehicle without breaking anything or causing a civil disturbance, he can take it. Private, public, or government property, or who signed the loan is irrelevent.

Is it legal for a tow company to tow a vehicle parked on a private roadway?

yes if it is someone else's private road

Can a repo company take possession of vehicle from a place of business like an auto repair shop?


If you rear end someone on private property are you liable?

If you rear end another vehicle, you are almost certainly going to be held liable. Being on private property does not affect the issue of liability.

Can you test drive a car with a suspended license?

No. It is a violation to "operate" a motor vehicle on suspended licenses. It is illegal to drive the vehicle even on a test drive. Now that is if you were to drive the vehicle on a public highways, roadways, and streets. You could drive the vehicle around the parking lot (if private property) or on some one's private property is legal.