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Q: Is a saber tooth in the cat family?
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Is the saber-toothed tiger from the cat family?

Yes the saber-tooth tiger is in the cat family.

Are saber-toothed tiger related to tigers?

yes saber tooth tigers are part of the tiger/cat family

How are saber tooth's and cats different?

there diffrent in many ways.the saber tooth cat had long teeth and the cat had short canine saber tooth cats were born first then the cats.and last but not least the saber tooth cat are extint and not the cats.

Why is saber tooth cat different for a saber tooth tiger?

well kinda theres a different between a you know a lion or a tiger or a cheetah you know so cats are smaller then a big cat they are wild beast cats are not a saber tooth cat is a pet or it can be wild but they are not meant for the wild so thats the differents between a saber tooth tiger and a saber tooth cat

What is the other name for saber-toothed cat?

The other name for saber tooth cat is smilodon

Which is extinct cat?

Saber Tooth Tiger

What is the saber tooth's tiger nickname?

"Saber toothed tiger" is actually the nickname of the saber toothed cat.

What was the saber-tooth cat young called?

Milk Tooth Tiger Cub

What do sabertooths eat?

The saber-tooth cat likely ate rhinos, elephants and other large herbivores. Despite being commonly known as saber-tooth tigers, the saber-tooth cat was likely more like a lion.

Who discovered the saber toothed cat?

what kind? there were many saber tooth cats in the world.

What did a Saber toothed cat eat?

Saber-tooth tigers ate meat they were carnivores

How does a saber-toothed cat adapt?

Saber tooth tigers did not adapt therefore they are extinct.

What animal has teeth as big as knives?

The saber tooth cat.

What is the height of a saber-tooth cat?

3 feet tall.

Why don't people have photos of saber-toothed cats?

At the time of the saber tooth cat, there were no cameras.

When did the saber-toothed Cat die?

Fossil records show that the Saber-Tooth Cat became extinct about 11,000 years ago.

Where did the saber-toothed cat die?

i think the saber tooth cat die in the ice age so it could have been any were

Can you give me a long list of animals of the cat family?

A long list of animals of the cat family include the cat, a saber-tooth tiger, mountain lion, lion, tiger, bobcat, as well as others.

Is a lion bigger than a saber-toothed cat?

no lions aren't bigger than saber tooth because the saber tooth werre 2 times the size of a lion

Do you have pictures of saber tooth?

look on Google Images and put in Saber-Toothed Cat/Tiger _I_LOVE_JB_

What are some saber-toothed facts?

a baby saber-tooth cat is born 7 feet long

What was the first type of cat on earth?

Supossibally the saber tooth tiger.

What Are facts about the sabor tooth cat?

The exact color of the saber-toothed cat's fur is not known. It is thought to be similar in color to today's lion. The name Saber Tooth means Knife tooth. The cat was on average 8 feet in height, 4-5 feet long, and weighed 440 pounds. Smilodon was the largest species of saber-toothed cat.

How does a saber-tooth cat reproduce?

The saber toothed tiger or the smilodons were mammals and so they gave birth to the babies........

Who came first the cat or the lion?

Neither as a Lion is a cat and a cat is a Lion