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Absolutely, positively, not.

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Sales agreements are not binding to any party however sales contracts are. You are not legally bound if you did not sign the sales contract. Consequently you may have a credit inquiry on your record that you did not request.

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Q: Is a sales agreement binding if your wife puts your name on the credit application but you never signed it?
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Is a prenuptial agreement binding if it is not signed?

No, a prenuptial agreement is not binding if it is not signed. Of course, I'm not a lawyer. So, if you are in a situation where you are questioning whether or not you signed a prenuptial agreement and whether or not it is binding, please consult a real lawyer!

Can a purchase agreement be signed first by the seller ....Is this binding?

Yes, a seller can sign the agreement first, but it is not binding until all parties have signed and the signed copies have been delivered.

What happens if a signed mediation agreement is broken?

is a signed mediation agreement binding if one party was forced into it

How binding is a purchase agreement?

A written purchase agreement signed by both parties is as binding as any other contract.

Can a credit card company hold you responsible for a credit card if no application contract or agreement of terms exists?

If a card was received and used by the named person then a contract is implied and there does not need to be a written, signed agreement.

What is legal age for credit card in UK?

In the UK you have to be 18 or over to sign any credit agreement. But if you under the age of 18 and you have already signed a contract,it will not be binding

How can you change a signed auto insurance settlement?

You don't. A signed settlement is a legal binding agreement between you and the insurance company.

Is a Virginia Residential Lease Agreement binding?

Yes, if it has been signed by the Landlord and Tenant.

Can you change your mind about renting a house provided you have not signed a lease?

Depends on the country you have in mind. In some countries a verbal agreement before witnesses can already be binding. But in most countries a lease agreement is only binding when it has been put in writing and has been signed by the lessee.

Do credit card companies keep record of your signed credit card application?

Yes they do.

Is a credit card contractual agreement enforceable if there is no signed copy of the card agreement in existence and can a contractual agreement exist only by the signing of the card and its use?

If there is no signed agreement then it is unenforceable as all of the terms relating to the contract are within this agreement.

Can you handwrite a legally binding agreement with your landlord?

Yes. A contract or agreement need not be written on a typewriter or computer to be valid, as long as it is signed by both parties.

Once you have a signed contract from a dealer can the dealer go back on his word?

Once you and the dealer have signed the contract, it is a binding contract agreement and it responsible by law. You can take him to court if he doesn't keep his part of the agreement.

Is it possible to challenge a severence package after you have signed and collected the benefits in Florida?

No. Once the severance agreement has been signed it becomes a legally binding contract.

What is the definition of valid contract?

A valid contract is a law binding agreement which will be signed by both parties. This contract will be valid.

Can a car dealership refuse to pay off trade when it is in the contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between the parties who have signed it, unless written into the contract otherwise, all parties are bound by the terms of the agreement/contract they signed.

Should a credit card issuer provide a signed agreement?

No. Providing signed agreements increase the costs of doing business and these costs would ultimately be passed on to the consumer as higher rates or higher fees. When you signed the application and the credit card company approved you, you innately accept the contract as binding without having an explicit signature from a member of the issuing organization. After one completes an application and the credit card issuer makes a positive lending decision, the new cardholder will receive a welcome packet. In that packet will be one or more new credit cards, a welcome letter and quite a bit of fine print known as the Contract of Terms and Conditions (usually called Ts and Cs). Within those Ts and Cs are sections that state that the issuer has entered into an agreement with the cardholder and that the cardholder does not require a signature to complete the agreement. Also, the card itself is considered a contract. When you sign the back of the card, you are saying that you agree to the Ts and Cs (and the fact that the issuer does not need to sign explicitly for there to be a valid contract). Finally, when you use the card, you affirm the binding contract.

Can a dealership send an application for credit approval without a signed credit application?

Yes. In many states, the dealership can send in an application for credit approval without a signed credit application. That is called pre-approval. They can make it real easy for you to buy. The loan does not become official until you sign the papers. You do not owe one cent until you sign the papers and drive off in your car. Still, the dealership can do the work of getting you credit approval before you sign anything.

What is written contract?

A written contract is an agreement written on paper by 2 or more people that is then signed by each person and is considered to be binding.

Is an email agreement binding with real estate in Oregon?

That is unlikely. Generally, any agreement for the sale of real estate must be in writing and signed by the parties.That is unlikely. Generally, any agreement for the sale of real estate must be in writing and signed by the parties.That is unlikely. Generally, any agreement for the sale of real estate must be in writing and signed by the parties.That is unlikely. Generally, any agreement for the sale of real estate must be in writing and signed by the parties.

Can you confirm if an agreement is signed and witnessed by the same person that it is valid?

There are a number of legal rules which apply to agreements or contracts, so I cannot say that any signed agreement is valid; but if the agreement meets other requirements for legality, and is signed, then that signature is legally binding. A signed agreement does not have to be witnessed by another person (for example, anytime you write a check, that is an instruction to your bank to make a payment to another person, and that instruction is validated only by your own signature, with no witness being required) but if the agreement is very important, a witness is desirable as a form of confirmation.

When does a house sale become binding?

The first step that makes a sale binding is the execution of the purchase and sale agreement by both parties. You will then be bound by the terms of that agreement. Many people wait until they have signed the P&S before they retain an attorney to represent them in the purchase. However, an attorney should review the agreement before you sign.

What is Kyoto agreement?

Kyoto is a legally binding agreement between signed-up countries to meet emissions reduction targets of all greenhouse gases by 2012 relative to 1990 levels. hope i am right....

Is a real estate listing agreement binding in Florida?

Yes it is. If you breach or break the agreement, you can be legally held liable before a court & the company or realtor you signed with could sue you for damages or penalties.

Which Prime minister signed the peace agreement for israel?

That depends which peace agreement your talking about. The peace agreement with Egypt was signed by Menachem Begin. The peace agreement with Jordan was signed by Yitzchak Rabin.

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