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I suspect that you're asking if it's better to have a chlorinated pool..the chlorine being produced by a generator producing chlorine from salt..or a pool without chlorine, that is sanitized by some sort of ionization equipment. Since the ion type cleaners add no chemicals to the water, they are preferred to the chlorine type in many cases. I doubt if drinking occasionally from a chlorinated pool would cause harm. However, I recommend you ask your vet and/or your pool chemical supplier. They should know.

Your swimming pool water and your tap water are extremely close in chemicals used. The tap water in your area is treated the same way your swimming pool is.Chlorine .5 to 3.0 with a pH somewhere between 7.0 and 8.0 with the exception of Alkalinity which bounces around throughout the year.The salt content in a swimming pool is 3000ppm salt to water which has less salt than your body.None of which can or will hurt your Dog.Which by the way is a very smart Animal and it would know the difference between good or bad.

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AnswerI think that chlorinated water would be better, but still it depends on the type of dog you are have. You should never let your dog drink chlorinated water.
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Q: Is a salt water swimming pool or an ozone swimming pool healthier if your dog drinks the water?
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What gas is added in the water of swimming pool?

Unless you have an ozonator, which would inject ozone (O3) to sanitize, there are no gases added to the water of a swimming pool.

How many ways do you use water?

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No! Coke and all other soft drinks are not healthier than water. They contain sugar and/or High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which are both unhealthy. They also affect the calcium in your body.

Which gas is used to disinfect water in swimming pools?

Chlorine is the usual one but ozone can also be used.

What is bettersalt water pool or ozonated swimming pool?

A salt water pool in most cases uses a salt water chlorinator. It converts sodium chloride (Salt) to sodium hypochlride (chlorine) so you still have a chlorinated pool. Ozone is far healthier and maintenance free. Ozone can replace partially or totally Chlorine in the pool. It is many times more effective in getting rid of bacteria, algae & viruses than Chlorine. It will maintain a very clean water without the use of the many chemicals used to disinfect, to adjust the PH, Alkalinity, .......... By comparison to the Chlorine , Ozone treatment is virtually maintenance free. All you need is to install Ozonator, add the Ozone fix and enjoy.

Name four disinfection methods used to treat swimming pool and spa water?

Chlorine, bromine, uv, ozone.

Does pH kill bacteria in swimming pool water?

Yes. The lower the pH, the fewer bacteria that can live in the water. That is also how soft drinks work. Unlike milk, a bottle of pop does not go bad in your refrigerator. That bottle is filled with a weak acid. Occasionally, it will get mold on top, but it never gets bacteria. Occasionally people's ears get mold from swimming pools. Mold can live at a lower pH than bacteria. Thus, people should dry out their ears after swimming. Chlorine also produces monatomic oxygen. That also kills bacteria. A lower pH can hurt someone's eyes. Ozone can also kill bacteria. Ozone in air will kill people long before it kills bacteria. In water, it will kill bacteria. When the ozone is dissolved in water, it kills bacteria. It would kill people long before it killed bacteria except that people do not breathe water. It stays in the water and does not get into the air.

Can children drink decaffeinated coffee?

Children can drink decaffeinated coffee in moderation. It is better for children to drink healthier drinks such as juices, milk, and water.

Can rabies spread through swimming pools if a rabid dog drinks water from the pool or swims?

Theoretically, this is possible, but is highly unlikely.

Is coconut water healthier than water?

Yes coconut water is healthier than water

Will bleach kill mosquito larva in a swimming pool?

yes, if enough is used but it will also kill any other animal that drinks the water.

What effect does ozone have on water?

Ozone has a direct affect on water. Ozone depletion causes water organisms to die.

Is ozone water good for you?

Ozone is used for filtering. So ozone water is filtered.

How does swimming make you healthier?

I know for a fact that swimming is physiotherapy as I done my back in recently and was told swimming is the best for my back. The water compresses your body acting like a massage for your muscles. the warm water helps relax the muscles and the most obvious thing is that you are using all of the muscles in your body to get around in the water so you are exercising them and making them stronger and more toned. Hope this helps :)

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Oxygen gas changes to ozone during thunderstorms?

When an electrical spark passes through air, it turns some of the oxygen into ozone. Lightning is a big electrical spark. So it is the lightning in the thunderstorm that creates the ozone. Some swimming pools in the United States use ozone instead of chlorine to kill the bacteria. Likewise some municipal water systems in Europe use ozone instead of chlorine to kill bacteria. They use sparks to turn the oxygen in air into ozone.

What are the functions of the ozone?

The ozone keeps out harmful rays from the Sun and helps to keep the planet in a normal temperature range. Ozone is also a powerful anti microbial and works by breaking the bacterial cell wall. It is used in sewerage treatment works since short wavelength Ultra Violet light generates ozone. It is passed through polluted water to sterilise it before it is pumped into rivers and oceans. UV light generating ozone is being used in swimming pools and water treatment works as an alternative to chlorine and is tasteless.

Does ozone affect the amount of water vapor in the air?

Ozone does affect the water vapor. Ozone causes global warming, which increases water level.

What is the difference between Ozone water and minerals water?

The difference between ozone water and mineral water is mineral water contains minerals that are beneficial to the body whereas ozone water is extremely clean and pure.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an ozone system for swimming pools?

The advantages of Ozone are as follows: 1. Reduces the need for Chlorine by 60 to 80% 2. Reduces or eliminates the need for specialty chemicals (clarifiers, scum line cleaners, etc.) 3. Makes scum lines brushable to remove instead of using acids. 4. Is PH neutral and does not add the the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of the water. 5. Produces a clarity not seen without Ozone. 6. Reverts back to Oxygen as a byproduct. There are no real dis-advantages of using Ozone in a swimming pool.

Why do people use water bottles when there is fresh water near by?

because fresh water is dirty and if you drink it you'll shrivel up and die Not always The water might be polluted or they may want water that has been as cleaned and unpolluted as possible. Everyone is told that it is healthier to drink bottled water, but who really knows for sure. Some people probably think about all the fish swimming in it or about people bathing OS swimming in it.

In what ways does the use of water affect the ozone layer?

Water if used in limit does not affect ozone. If used more, it affects the ozone.

Does ozone leave odor in water?

Ozone dissolved in water will strip out as the water is splashed. It usually decays within minutes if left in water. Ozone is used (among other things) to destroy odorous compounds in water. H2S (rotten egg smell) is ozone's favorite meal.

Are both products ozone and water molecules?

Yes. The ozone and water are both molecules.

Is ozone acidic?

No. Ozone is slightly soluble in water.