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no i 135 to 145 is ok

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I am 62 with a testosterone level of 132. How does that compare with normal. What are the consequences of low testosterone?

“I am 62 with a testosterone level of 132. How does that compare with normal. What are the consequences of low testosterone?”

What can you do at home if sodium level is 120?

This will depend on the cause of such a low sodium level. Basically speaking, though, you can increase your sodium intake to raise your sodium level. However, if your sodium level is that low due to fluid overload, then taking care of the fluid overload problem would likely return your sodium levels to a more normal level.

If your sodium level is level is 117 should you go to the hospital?

A normal sodium level is 135-145. A low sodium level could indicate a variety of different conditions, as well as be a side effect of medications. You don't necessarily need to go to the hospital, but you should make an appointment with your doctor to discuss what could be causing the low sodium level.

Is 124 sodium level low?

Yes. It is very low. You should talk to your doctor about it right away.

Is low sodium good?

Definitely not. The condition of having low serum sodium level or low concentration of sodium level in the blood is called HYPONATREMIA. It is common electrolyte disorder among athletes and elderly. Severe hyponatremia may cause headache, confusion, lethargy, muscle weakness, spasms, cramps, seizures, loss of consciousness and coma. So, it is important to maintain your sodium level within the normal limits.

Is a sodium level of 117 very low?

Yes. At this level, the potential for seizures and confusion (delirium) exists.

What causes low sodium blood level?

high blood pressure pills

What happen if you didn't have enough sodium in your body?

You can get low water level in your cells.

What does it mean when your sodium level is very low?

It means that your body doesnt have much sodium in it. this can be good and bad check with your doctor.

Is a sodium level of 126 low?

Yes, it is quite low. Normal range is 135-145 mEq/l

Can certain medications cause low sodium in the human body?

low sodium level is called hyponatremia.drug causes hyponatremia are thiazide diuretics proleukin chlorpropamide benzthizide carboplatin

What does low sodium do to the body?

What does low sodium do to the body?

what does low sodium diets mean ?

Low sodium diets can be confusing. A low sodium diet means eating more foods that have low sodium contents instead of high ones. The nutriesystem diet is a low sodium diet.

Why is blood sodium level low in chf?

Sodium may lead to a serious build-up of fluid in people with congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, or kidney disease. Such people should be on a strict sodium-restricted diet, as prescribed by their doctor. Hence blood sodium level is low in CHF. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002415.htm

Is a sodium level of 120 low?

120 is a very low number for sodium, and may result in seizure activity. The normal range for sodium is 135 to 145 mEq/L (millequivelents per liter.) Just to add to this, my sodium is 122 and my doctor said that this is very near critical. If you have a blood sodium level at 120 your doctor should be taking steps to correct it and find the cause.

Where can I find advice on low sodium diet?

you can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.com

Can you pass out from low sodium?

is my sodium consider low. reading as 133

Is low sodium better for you?

Eating low sodium foods is good for you.

Low Sodium?

Can low sodium cause extreme leg cramps?

What is low sodium broth?

Low Sodium Broth is basically just broth with the sodium content lowered.

What is Low sodium?

"Low Sodium" means that an item (such as a food or drink) contains little Sodium. In practical terms, it translates to "Low-salt."

Is a sodium level of 136 low?

normal serum Na+ concentration is usually 135-145 meq/L .its a bit low but in normal range

Where can online low sodium recipes be found?

There are several good places to find low sodium recipes online. This website contains links to 28 different low sodium recipes: http://www.hearthealthyonline.com/healthy-recipes/low-sodium-recipes/low-sodium-recipes_ss1.html This website contains a variety of user-submitted low sodium recipes: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/healthy-recipes/special-diets/low-sodium-recipes/

What health problems come from low sodium and low potassium?

Low sodium and low potassium can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes and kidney failure. Treatment of low sodium and low potassium can be treated with dietary changes and medication.

How low is a low sodium diet?

Typically, as my doctor told me, a low sodium diet is around 2000mg of sodium a day. Normal intake should be around 2400mg of sodium. Everybody eats way more sodium than they should.

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