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Yes. An example of symbols used today are 'icons' in the computer world, and the universal signs like the red circle with a diagonal line through it.

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Q: Is a symbol an uncomplicated visual that represents something else?
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Define the English term symbol?

A visual item that represents something, often as a form of shorthand.

An example of a visual symbol?

visual symbol

What does sound imagery mean?

sound imagery means something that represents a visual concept of a sound

What is a symbol full of symbols?

A symbol refers to an object that represents or stands for an action, a belief or a given material entity. The symbols may take the form of visual images, gestures, and sounds just but to mention a few.

What is the symbol or visual reminder for Prometheus?


What are the basic units of thought?

Image: A visual, mental representation of an event or object Symbol: an abstract unit of thought that represents an object or quality; anything that stands for or represents something else Concept: a label for a class of objects or events that have at least one attribute in common Prototype: a representative example of a concept Rule: a statement of relation between concepts

What is visual image?

A visual image is something you can see. These visual images are usually used to help a person understand something.

What is the visual symbol system?

It may refer to technology

What is mean by the term Element of art?

A basic visual symbol an aitist uses to create visual art

What does imagery mean?

The word imagery means something that represents a visual concept. In writing imagery is using words of great description to let the reader get the picture of what you are talking about in their mind.

What are visual symbol?

Visual symbols are symbols that you see everyday in day life and you recognize and know its meaning right away.

What is an illusion?

A perception, as of visual stimuli, that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.

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