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No, they usually aren't.

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Q: Is a white American with white African ancestry considered an African-American?
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What percentage of African-Americans have European ancestry?

60% of African Americans have some European Ancestry, while 75% have European or Native American ancestry. That leaves 40% with no European Ancestry, 85% with no Native American ancestry and 25% with only African ancestry.

Is Trey Songz African?

His ancestry is African, but he is of African-American descent.

How do you know if your part African American?

You can tell if you perform an ancestry DNA test. Sometimes its not enough to go by appearance alone. But African American is just one category of 'African'. You can be of African ancestry and not be American. In the USA, it's no longer important to be of African ancestry since the Jim Crow era is in the past and no longer applies today.

How many Latin American are of African ancestry?


Is Beyonce black or African American?

Beyonce's dad is african american and her mom has african, french, irish, and native american ancestry so Beyonce is mostly african.

Why should Michelle Obama be known as an African American?

That is what she is- she is an American of African ancestry. The reason that this fact is newsworthy is that it is unusual for an African-American to be the first lady.

What is Jaden Smith African American?

He is African-American, West Indian, Creole, and Portuguese Jewish ancestry.

What etnicity was lonette mckee?

She is of African-American and Swedish ancestry.

Was Albert Einstein An African American?

No, he was of German-Jewish ancestry.

What is cultural background?

Beyoncé's father is African American, and her mother has African, French, Native American, and Irish ancestry

Are there any Jewish participants in Kwanzaa?

Someone who is of mixed Jewish and African-American ancestry may celebrate kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is not considered a religious celebration. Instead, it celebrates the influence of the African heritage on African-American culture in the United States of America.

What is the nationality of Jamaica?

The nationality of Jamaica is European and native American ancestry, latinos, and native American and African ancestry the most are mestizos and latinos.