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It depends from case to case. Ultimately alimony or maintenance is granted on the application of either of the party. If the husband is financially weak or has no support whatsoever he can ask for alimony too just like the wife. If you need a detailed explanation you can call on : 093222 86663 or email on lawyersidd to Siddhartha Shah And Associates or to fix a meeting.

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During marriage is expected that each spouse will support the other.

In Divorse/Dissolution, there is a thing called alimony. It is figured in a similar manner to Child Support, only it is for the spouse. Generally the individual who makes less is support by the one who makes more after divorce. Although, that may not necessarily be true because alimony can be paid to the individual who possesses the children (if there are any involved).

Not all states call it alimony, there are some that call is spousal maintenance instead. You can make a motion for it when you file for divorce/dissolution.

It might also interest you to know that unlike Child Support - alimony or spousal maintenance is tax deductible.

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Q: Is a wife obligated to support her husband?
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Is husband obligated to support wife?

Yes, law binds husband to support wife financially.

If ex wife holds child should ex husband be responsible to still pay child support?

If you mean, the child's mother (ex-wife) has custody, the child's father (ex-husband) is obligated or potentially obligated for support.

Can the wife of your baby father be obligated to pay child support?

No. She has no legal responsibility to support yourchild.She may voluntarily choose to pay it as an alternative to having her husband sent to jail for non-payment, of course.

Can a current wife's income be considered in calculating her husband's spousal support to his ex-wife?

No. The spousal support is a responsibility of the husband only.

Can a judge use your husband wife to pay support for the husband ex-wife alimony?


Can you collect child support from your ex-husband's wife?

No. She is not responsible for her new husband's child support obligations.

Is it right for a husband not to support his wife financially while they are married?

if they are married the money should be shared, it is not his or hers, it is theirs, so the husband should technically support his wife

When the husband makes less than wife does the husband have to pay child support?


Can the current wife sue her husband's ex-wife for child support?

No. If your present husband is the father of the children of his previous marriage and is the custodial parent he would have to sue his ex-wife (the children's mother) for support.

Can a current wife's income be considered in calculating her husband's spousal support to his ex wife?


Does a husband have to support his wife financially during a separation?

Yes he does

Why shouldn't a husband give his wife financial support when the get divorced?

If the husband wants to provide financial support to his wife, he can certainly do it. It is not mandatory, unless it is part of the legal separation or divorce agreement.

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