Sweet Potatoes and Yams

Is a yam the same as a potato?

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Potatoes and Yams are quite different from one another. While both are edible tubers, they are markedly different in texture, flavour and cooking times. To confuse the subject further, the word yam is used to refer quite different families of tubers. In most of the world, Yam is the common name for group of tubers native to Africa and Asia. In the southern parts of the United States the word is used to refer to a group of tubers native to South America - which are called sweet potatoes elsewhere.

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Is a sweet potato the same as a yam?

I believe the names are used interchangeably. Yes, they are the same thing. in America sweet potato is called yam. the Indian yam is not the same as sweet potato... sweet potato is long pink in colour and yam is also called the elephant yam is pretty big compared to sweet potato and round in shape.

Is a sweet potato and a yam the same?


Is a sweet potato and a yam the same thing?


Can you substitute yam for sweet potato in a recipe?

yes you can but it will not be the same.

Is a sweet potato a potato or carrot?

Its a yam

What is the vegetable that is like a potato?

Yam, and sweet potato are like a potato, except they are sweet. With yam being sweeter than the sweet potato, they are not the same plant despite popular belief. Also a vegetable called celery root, or celariac can apparently be made to taste like mashed potatoes. Yam and sweet potato are root tubers Celariac is a root vegetable

Is yam a fruit?

Yam is a vegetable. It is a other name for sweet potato.

What plant has a root that looks like a potato?

yam, sweet potato

Starting with y is a sweet potato?

This is a yam.

Are yam and potato stems of a plant?


Which vegetables are tubers?

ginger potato yam

What is a sweet potato with reddish flesh?

Three letters , very yummy , much like a sweet potato but is called something different it a ..... YAM! YAM!

What is a three letter word for sweet potato?

A sweet potato is also known as a yam.

What is an air potato?

An air potato is a species of yam, Latin name Dioscorea bulbifera.

What is the difference between a sweat potato and a potato?

A sweet potato is more like a yam and has a higher sugar content.

Can dog eat yam or sweet potato?

Sure can.

What are the names of tubers plant?

Yam Potato Manioc

What does yam look like?

a yam, or sweet potato, looks like a large potato. The inside is orange and the skin has a more red/orange tone than most potatoes.

What are the names of edible starches from rhizomes?

It depends which plant is used for the starch. Some of the names are simply based on the name of the plant.Some major examples are:Cassava (or Manioc): Tapioca, Farinha, Gari.Potato: Potato Starch.Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato Starch.Taro: Poi.Yam (not the same plant as Sweet Potato): Yam Starch.Arrowroot starch is made from a variety of different plants.

What is the definition of yam?

A yam is: A vine root that resembles a large white floury potato and is eaten cooked as a vegetable.

What is yellow yam?

Yellow yam is a starchy tuberous vegetable grown on a vine. Variations are common all over the world, but especially in west Africa. Contrary to popular myth it is NOT the same as a sweet potato.

What starting with y is a sweet potato commonly known as?


What starting with 'y' is a sweet potato?

That is a "yam".

A sweet potato is commonly known as a y?

Yam perhaps?

What beginning with Y is a sweet potato commonly known as?


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