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Is abnormal spotting a sign of conception?

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Can be implantation bleeding if pregnancy is suspected take an at home test or make an appointment with your doctor as soon as missed period good luck and God Bless!!!

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Are bleeding and cramping symptoms of conception?

Bleeding isn't but spotting. If it is heavy, it is unlikely that it is the sign of implantation.

Can you begin spotting the day after conception?

You can, but it's normally about 10 days after conception

Is there a chance that spotting does not occur after conception?

Definitely. The majority of women don't notice any spotting.

Is it possible to get morning sickness and spotting the day after conception?


How soon would spotting occur after conception?

spotting occurs 6-12 days after your ovulation day

Is it possible to be spotting brown or bright red 5-6 days after conception?

yes its possible to have a pinkish or brownish spotting for a couple of hours to days around that time after conception,this is the implantation bleed

If you are spotting can you still become pregnant?

Yes, you can.Spotting is a sign of pregnancy.

Is light spotting normal within the first couple of days of conception?


What are the different colors of spotting or bleeding in a pregnant woman?

Any spotting or bleeding in pregnancy is abnormal so it doesn't matter what color it is.

Can fertilization of the egg and sperm cause bleeding?

No, usually the spotting is due to ovulation, not conception.

Can bleeding 2 days after sex be a sign of pregnancy?

Most bleeding, spotting, or implantation bleeding don't start for 6 to 7 days after conception. But, if you are very worried about it, it would be right to contact your doctor.

Spotting a sign of twins?

try ultrasound.

What are early sign of miscarry?

Cramping, spotting

Is cramping and spotting a sign of miscarriage?

yes it is.

Is it a sign of pregnancy to have light spotting after sex?


Can spotting for one day eleven days after conception mean a miscarriage?

No. Spotting is probably implantation bleeding. You would know if you had miscarried because it would be heavier and painful

If you see a skunk during the day is that a sign of sickness?

no, its a sign of wildlife spotting.

Can spotting before your period be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes spotting can be a early sign of pregnancy it is cause from the egg implanting into the uterus causing some slight bleeding.

What are the symptoms of an abnormal pap smear?

A pap smear is a swab test of your cervix to test your cells for dysplasia. As there may not be symptoms of an abnormal pap smear, bleeding or spotting can be associated with an abnormal pap smear.

Can you be pregnant and get your period and have cramps?

No, you can have cramps and spotting at the time for your first period after conception but not full menstrual flow.

Does spotting on the same day of your period is a sign of pregnancy?


How long does spotting as an early sign of pregnancy last?

Spotting is not an early sign of pregnancy. About 30% of women have implantation spotting for one or two days either just before or around the time of a missed period but any spotting other than this is abnormal and you should see a doctor.answerSpotting isn't normal but it can happen in pregnancy. It puts more risk on your baby cause it can cause miscarriages cause some women who have bleeding while pregnant get miscarriages others are lucky and there baby survived it. It depends on your body and not all women get spotting or Implantation bleeding. The pregnancy bleeding is nothing like a period its much lighter. Implantation bleeding can last from 1-2 days. spotting can last a few days to 6 days.

Can spotting be symptom of being pregnant?

If you are spotting while pregnant, go see a doctor. Could be a bad sign

Is red spotting a sign of pregnancy if it occurs 6 days after intercourse for only 2 and a half days and could it be implantation bleeding?

It's possible. I experienced it 4 days after conception, and lasted 5 days very light.

Will there be any physical signs on the date of conception to know you have conceived?

Not necessarily, though minor spotting may occur.