Is air renewable energy?

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If you're talking about wind power, then yes.

Wind power is a renewable source of energy because wind is a natural, re-usable source. Wind power is generated by wind turbines. To put it simply, the wind turns the blades, which spins a shaft, which connects to a generator, making electricity. The electricity is sent through transmission lines to a substation, then on to homes, business and schools.
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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is an energy source that is either in relatively limitless supply, or that quickly regenerates when consumed. So solar, wind and water power are kinds of re

Is air renewable?

yes because it is a natural resource

Is energy renewable?

Only when it is recycled. Solar and Wind energies are merely new.

What are renewable resources and renewable energy?

Renewable resources are resources that can be renewed after being used. Trees for example are a renewable resource because more trees can be grown. Rapidly renewable resources

What energy is renewable?

There are many forms of energy that are renewable, to name the most common: . Solar Energy . Biomass . Wind Energy . Geothermal Energy . Hydro or Energy from water

Is energy renewable or non-renewable?

It depends where it comes from. Energy from solar, wind, water etc is renewable. Energy from burning fossil fuel is non-renewable.

Why is renewable energy renewable?

The term renewable energy refer to timely balance of energy collection and consumption. Fossil fuel took around 1 million of year to form but about 200-300 year of use till

What is renewable and non-renewable energy?

Renewable energy can be renewed in a short time I.e. Wind power. Non renewable energy takes a long time, ususally millions of years, to become usuable again I.e. Fossil Fuels.

Where renewable energy is renewable?

renewable energy is applicable to specific states that are included in the new deregulation law of the US Energy Department. For more information on incentives and rebates you

Is renewable energy actually renewable?

Solar energy (energy from the sun) for example, is considered a renewable energy resource, but it is not technically truly renewable, as the sun will eventually run out. So so

Why is renewable energy considered renewable?

It is renewable because you can keep using it. You can get electricity from a solar panel one day. Then, the next day you can get it again. This is different to fossil fu
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Which energy can not be renewed?

Energy that is based on fossil fuel (oil, gas, coal) can not be renewed in reasonable geological periods of time
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What is a renewable and non renewable energy?

Renewable energy is an energy from a source that can be reused such as W ind Turbines, Water Power. Non-renewable energy is energy from a source that cannot b e Reple
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When can a renewable energy source be renewed?

All renewable energy sources are continuously renewed from energy from the sun, but of course ultimately the sun is nonrenewable.
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What makes renewable energy renewable?

NOTHING! There is no such thing by the most basic Law of Physics, that energy can be neither created nor destroyed; only released, transferred or converted. Its ultimate fa