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no a poice officer is only required to read your Miranda rights when he is about to interrogate you about the crime in question.

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2011-09-13 00:49:03
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Q: Is an Officer required to read you your Miranda rights when being arrested on a Burglary warrant?
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When arrested for possession of marijuana does the police officer have to read the Miranda rights to the arrested individual?

No, Miranda Rights do not have to be read during any arrest. Miranda Rights are required prior to an interrogation but have nothing to do with an arrest.

Is an officer supposed to read you your Miranda if being arrested for Suspended License?


Is the probation officer required to give the Miranda warning to the defendant before the PSI interview?

No. A Probation Officer is not a Law Enforcement Officer. Only Law Enforcement Officers are required to give the Miranda Warning.

Are security officers required to issue a Miranda warning?

The Miranda Warning is only issued by a commissioned Law Enforcement Officer. If by "Security Officer", you mean a private security guard, then no, they are never required to issue a Miranda Warning.

What does a police man say when someone is arrested?

Under a standard arrest, the law enforcement officer is required to inform you of what crime you're being arrested for. Unlike what the average police sitcom shows, the Miranda Rights are not required upon arrest, although may be given from time-to-time.

When you are arrested do you sign a paper stating you was read your Miranda rights?

No, you are just told of your Miranda RightsAnother View: In many jurisdictions you are required to sign or initial a card or document to signify that you WERE advised of your rights. If you refuse to sign it, the advising officer AND a witness sign it with a statement that you refused.

If you get arrested what rights must an officer provide you with?

If you are arrested, meaning that a reasonable person would feel that he is not free to leave, a police officer must read you your Miranda rights IF he wishes question you and use your statements against you later. The police have no obligation to read you the Miranda rights if they do not wish to question you. The police can use things you say against you if you volunteer them without being asked.

Are you actually arrested when being issued a criminal citation?

No, you are detained. The officer is required to inform you when you are under arrest.

What do cops say when they arrest someone?

Police are required to inform the individual of why they're being arrested. Otherwise, the officer is not required to say anything.

What happens if you lie to a police officer about your age?

You may be arrested. You are required to provide correct ID when lawfully stopped.

What to do if you are arrested?

Don't resist the officer - listen attentively as you are read your Miranda Rights (YOU will have to make the decision as to whether you wish to speak to the officer, or not) - retain an attorney - be guided by his advice - do not miss any court ordered hearings.

When do an officer have to read you your rights?

If you are being arrested, you should be read your Miranda rights. Up to that point, the officer may ask you questions without reading you your rights. You are not obligated to answer any questions beyond identifying yourself.

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