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no its not a sign, in order to check pregnancy there are reliable tests that can be done for example human chorionic gonadotropin measurement in the urine sample which is usually done and is available as dipsticks in general stores.

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Q: Is an achy belly button a sign of pregnancy?
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Is belly button itch a sign of pregnancy?

No. Not really.

If your belly button hurt is that a sign of pregnancy?

push on it hard

Is a sharp pain at the top of your belly button a sign of pregnancy?


Can your belly button hurt when you are pregnant?

Belly button pain can begin in the third trimester due to growth of the abdomen, it is not a sign of or symptom of pregnancy.

Why do you have pain around or on belly button is this a sign of pregnancy?

No it is not a sign off pregnancy but if you really want to know test yourself it doesn't hurt to know

Could lightheadness and pain around your belly button be a sign of pregnancy?

While light-headedness can be a sign of pregnancy in some people, the pain is not. Get it checked out with a doctor.

Is mild pain on the right side of belly button and slight pain in the breasts a sign of pregnancy?

It could be. I didn't have the belly button pain in early pregnancy, but I had the breast pain. The only way to know is to test if you miss your period. Good luck =)

You have been having sharp pains around your belly button and cramps above your legs is this a sign of pregnancy?

more like ovulation

Can tightening of the belly be a sign of pregnancy?

not usually

Is a hairy belly an early sign of pregnancy?


Is feeling nauseous after almost everything you eat a sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy...also you might be very tired or feel like you are getting the flu...achy, etc.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you can feel your heartbeat close to your belly button?

No, you won't detect a heartbeat for several months. It's more likely gas.

What does it mean to have a dark line down your belly is it a pregnancy sign?

no , its not

What are pains in the groin a sign of in pregnancy?

Small achy type pains could be small contractions called braxton-hicks.

Is mild cramping in your lower belly a sign of pregnancy?

Period like cramps are a sign of early pregnancy and I myself experienced these, but unfortunately they are also a sign of your oncoming period. This can prove to be a very unhelpful sign of pregnancy lol.

Are itchy breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Itchy breasts can be a sign of pregnancy, as the skin stretches to accommodate growth. As your belly grows through out the pregnancy, you may experience itchiness there, as well.

Can mild pain in the lower belly a sign of pregnancy?

no just period pains

Can you be 13 to get a belly button pierced?

why not aslong as you have someone over 18 to sign for you!

Does cramps in the belly a sign of pregnancy?

i have no idea maybe no,because cramps are for menstruation only.

Can an itchy belly be a sign of early pregnancy even as soon as two weeks?


Can slight cramping that moves from side to side below the belly button for 2 to 3 days and mild cravings be signs of pregnancy?

Yes but it can also be a million other bet is to keep an eye on it. If you miss a period then that's a sign of pregnancy!!!

Does your belly button stay swollen for a month after getting it pierced?

Swelling might be a sign of infection

Belly button ring itches Does that mean its healing?

An itchy piercing is a good sign that it is healing.

Is pinch like feeling below the belly botton a sign of pregnancy?

It could be gas or any intestinal disturbance. But very doubtful,pregnancy.

Legal age for Belly button piercing in Virginia?

16 if your parents sign with you. If they don't or wont, you have to be 18.