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My Saturn isn't neccesarily noisy but i can hear it chugging a long

saturns don't accelerate very well unfortunately.

but they get the job done

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Why has my Saturn SL2 been very noisy lately and the rpm's are too high?

More details are needed. Noisy can be a multitude of things.

How do you tell timing chain is bad on 2003 suzuki?

Normally it will become noisy.

What causes Noisy tappets on 2006 Honda diesel crv?

Diesels are normally noisy anyway - are you sure it your valve tappets? If so, they could be out of adjustment. Take it to a shop and have them checked and adjusted.

How do you know if my timing chain is bad?

Normally it will become noisy and your engine may run rough and be hard to start.

How do you know if you need to replace a water pump in a 2000 LS1 Saturn?

If it is noisy, leaking or not pumping sufficient coolant to cool the engine, replace it.



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When changing gear it is very noisy?

The noise is most likely caused by a worn out throw out bearing. Normally this will require the removal of the transmission

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What happens when a standard car doesnt have transmission oil?

A manual transmission will become noisy, shift hard and eventually self destruct. An automatic will simply not pull the car.

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How can you tell if the water pump on a 1994 Saturn is bad or if it is just the bearing?

if the bearing is noisy or the pump is leaking replace the pump.It is a job to replace but if you wanat to get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM

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How often do you replace your timing chain for a 2002 infinity qx4?

Timing chains will normally last the life of the engine. You replace it when the engine is overhauled or if it becomes noisy.

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