Is an enzyme a type of protein?


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Yes, all enzymes are proteins. But if you search for the types of proteins , enzymes are not a type

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An enzyme cannot be without protein because an enzyme is a type of protein.

An enzyme is a protein molecule.

An enzyme is a special protein.

An enzyme is a protein with catalytic abilities.

The type of molecule that is an enzyme is a protein molecule.

Amylase is a enzyme(type of protein) that breaks down starches in your body.

They are protein type. They are tertiary proteins

basically protein is not an enzyme but all enzymes are protein

Catalase is a type of protein that functions as an enzyme (a biological catalyst).

No. An enzyme is a PROTEIN that catalyses a reaction. Water is not a protein.

Actually it is. It is a polypeptide structure that has been specialized to be a catalyst.

Enzymes are a type of protein, which are amino acid polymers.

An enzyme is a protein, so it has the same components as that of a protein.

No, an enzyme is a protein in the DNA

A protease is an enzyme that digests protein.

Pepsin , protease and rennin in young mammals

Enzyme is an organic catalyst. Enzyme is a quartenary protein, with a heme group in middle. The quaternary structure, cosistnts of 2 alpha and 2 beta chains.

when a receptor protein in a cell membrane acts as an enzyme the recepto protein

The enzyme is a biochemical protein.

An enzyme is a globular protein

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