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Is an international driver's license valid in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?


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Yes, an international drivers license is valid in Massachusetts.

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You can renew your expired Massachusetts drivers license at the Massachusetts RMV. Bring the required documents and applicable fees to complete this transaction.

Is this a tourist question, a driving question - or a trick question?FLYING to Hawaii has nothing to do with whether or not you have an international drivers license or, for that matter, ANY kind of drivers license.DRIVING in Hawaii with an international drivers license, once you arrive there, should not be a problem. A tourist driving with an international drivers license is acceptable in the US.

Yes, you can drive in US with an international drivers licence.

Yes, but you must have an international drivers license or drivers license paired with passport and major credit card.

Attached link has some office locations and contact information which can help you out.

yes, as long as you obtain a visitors license for that state

Yes - you need an international drivers licence when you travel to slovenia.

If your Massachusetts license allows you to operate a motorcycle, you should not need to get a Colorado license because you are only a temporary resident.

you don't have to cancel them you just have to go the driving license place in Massachusetts and get them switched over

From, and websites you can get the information about international drivers license in vannuys california

According to the DMV & foreign visitors association, a US drivers license is mandatory regardless of whether or not an individual has an international drivers license for driving in the US. You may also double check that your employee had a valid international drivers license and not a forged or fake one.

To get an international drivers permit you must have a valid drivers license in your own country, so you must get it renewed if you want one.

As far as I can determine, there is no "international driving permit" that is independent of your drivers license. There are several "international driving permit" forms available from Automobile Associations and such, but these are basically translations of the information shown on your domestic drivers license into several different languages. They must be used in conjunction with your home drivers license; they have no validity on their own.

Yes if you do have a American driving license , you will still need an international licenense to drive in France.

No. Your Canadian drivers license is good anywhere in the USA, by international agreement - that's what got the Florida government in hot water recently.

18 years old or aboveResident of MassachusettsCitizen or legally present in US

"Licence" is the spelling common to Commonwealth countries (Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.". "License" is the spelling used in the United States of America (and may be used in Canada, as well).

Under 18 years old or aboveResident of MassachusettsCitizen or legally present in US

Yes. Most countries have reciprocal agreements though you need to get an international licence for many countries. These usually have a small administrative charge ============ More An American does not need an international license to drive a car in the UK. An International Drivers license is basically a multiple language translation of your drivers license, and does not replace your regular license. It is not a license to operate a motor vehicle on its own.

Before 1998, you had to be 16 years old to get a driver's license in Massachusetts. The age for licensing in that state is now 18 years old.

None. Go get yourself International License. International License generally is valid for a year. If your stay is longer than a year you need a drivers license of the country. /

Doubtful. However through the auspices of the American Automobile Association (AAA) you can apply for an 'International Drivers License" which should suffice.

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