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It tries to imply it is but no. If you read the fine print, it says that the diploma in no way is construed to be a replacement for a state or federally approved high school and Their diploma course does not replace a tradition high school education.

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Q: Is aspen high school a accredited online school?
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Is Aspen high school diploma accreditable?

No. Aspen High School is not accredited. Aspen High School is now known as Aspen Heights Academy. It states on their website, under frequently asked questions, that they are not accredited by any national or regency accreditation agency.

Is stenford online high school accredited?

Online schools have to be accredited in order to be recognized and Stenford looks like an accredited online school offering high school diploma programs.

Is a an accredited school?

Nation High School is a fully recognized and accredited high school. It is accredited by two reputable accreditation agencies for its online high school diploma programInternational Online Education Accrediting BoardOrganization for Online Learning Accreditation.

Where can I find information on accredited online high school diplomas?

If you are seeking an online GED or Online High School diploma, take our online high school courses or online GED test. ... Excel High School is a private, accredited, online high school serving grades 9-12 and adult high school

Is Belford High School accreditated?

Belford high school is an accredited online school.

Is Belford an accredited school?

Belford is an accredited online school offering high school diploma program.

What are some accredited sites that will help one get a high school diploma online?

There are a few accredited sites that will help one get a high school diploma online. Some of these sites include 'High School Diploma Online', 'Aberdeen Academy High School' and 'Excel High School'.

Is belford high school online accredited in california?

No Belford Online High School is not an accredited high school. Accreditation is a type of quality assurance that makes sure that educational institutions are meeting certain standards.

Is nation high school is a accredit school?

All private schools including online schools need to be accredited with a reputable accreditation agency. Nation is an accredited online school and they offer accredited high school diploma programs. You can always find out if a school is accredited or not from their website or admissions office.

Where online can I obtain an accredited high school diploma?

I would look online. You can do it through an online school program.

Are there accredited online high school diploma programs?

The short answer to your question: yes, there are accredited online high school diploma programs. might be a good place to start your search.

How is an accredited high school diploma obtained?

An accredited high school diploma is typically obtained by attending school online. These diplomas are from actual high schools and differ greatly from a GED certificate.

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