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You should never give any pet human medication unless you talk to your vet first. It doesn't cost you anything to phone a vet.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-12 05:18:31
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Q: Is aspirin bad for dogs to eat?
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Is it bad for dogs to eat roasted almonds?

Roasted almonds are bad for dogs to eat. Dogs should not eat any kind of nuts.

What make of aspirin is best for dogs?

No aspirin.

Can dogs eat mints?

no sugar is really bad for dogs

Are apples bad for dogs to eat?

Dogs can eat apples and pretty much anything we can, except for chocolate and a lot of sugar can be very bad for them.

Can dogs eat leattuce?

No! It will be bad for the dogs stomach! Do NOT feed lettuce!

What Dogs eat paper?

I don't know which dogs eat paper but if they do DON'T LET THEM. It's bad for them.

Is it bad for dogs to eat grasshoppers?

Not at all

Is it bad for dogs to eat cheese?


Is cooked chopped meat bad for dogs?

No, dogs eat meat, they are carnivores.

Can dogs eat rosemary?

Yes, it improves the breath of dogs with bad breath.

Can dogs have bayer aspirin?

Dogs can and should not have Bayer aspirin. Bayer aspirin is designed and produced with humans in mind and should only be used by humans and not other animals.

Is buffered aspirin ok for dogs?

No, aspirin (even buffered aspirin) is very dangerous to dogs. Even a single pill can be enough to cause a fatal stomach ulcer.

Can you give a dog 'aspirin'?

Yes you can give them aspirin. We have had to do that with our older dogs.

Can dogs eat mandarins?

no they cannnot its bad for their health

Is cheese bad for dogs to eat?

So so

Does aspirin go bad?

Aspirin goes bad after the bottle is open. It takes about six months.

Are caramels good or bad for dogs?

Dogs should not eat people food. Chocolate is extremly bad for a dogs health. Caramels aren't any good ethier?

Is oil from a tuna can bad for dogs?

Probably, but it might be okay for cats to eat it because cats can eat fish, and dogs can't usually eat what cats can.

What types of veggies can dogs eat?

dogs like lettuce but do not give them carrots the will have bad poop

Can dogs eat toffee?

No! It is very bad for dogs to have candy, especially chocolate, if they get some it can be fatal!

Can dogs take aspirin or Tylenol?

Dogs can take aspirin. My 120 lbs dog take 1 adult aspirin per day on the advice of my vet for joint pain. I don't know about Tylenol.

Can dogs eat mango ice cream?

they could but its bad for them

Is it bad for dogs to eat ticks?

It is bad for dogs to eat ticks. If the dog just swallows it it might latch onto something in its throat and start suckcing blood from that. they can also get limes desese

How do I know aspirin is bad?

Do not take aspirin that has a vinegary smell. That is a sign that the aspirin is too old and ineffective

Is sugar bad for dogs?

Yes, it is bad because your pet may die if they eat to much.