Is bank account perosnal account

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yes bank account is personal account

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Q: Is bank account perosnal account
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What are the examples of contra voucher?

# Cash account to Bank account # Bank account to Cash account # Bank account to Bank account

Where are the headquarters of the Danske Bank Group?

The Danske Bank Group is headquartered Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its name means Danish Bank. It has locations in Ireland as well. It is the largest bank in Denmark and offers perosnal banking as well as business banking.

Which one is correct have a bank account in this bank or you have a bank account under this bank?

"you have a bank account in this bank" is the right phrase.

Why is your bank account under investigation by your bank?

why is your bank account under investigation by your bank?

Can I open a click bank account with no bank account or can I use my PayPal as a bank account?

PayPal is not a bank you need to have a bank account to open a PayPal account. The reasoning for this is because PayPal pulls the money from your bank to make purchases.

Is bank account a real account in accounting?

No bank account is a Personal account in Accounting

How does one hold a bank account?

To "Hold" a bank account is the same as having or owning a bank account. If one has a savings account, they hold that account.

Is saving account a bank account?

If you have a savings account at a bank, then it is a bank account. If you have it in another kind of institution, such as a Credit Union or Savings and Loan, then it is not a bank account, although some people use the term "bank account" loosely and apply it to any savings account anywhere.

What is the entry for bank loan account?

Debit Bank Account - Assets Credit Bank Loan Account - Liability

When do we debit bank account?

We debit our bank account every time with withdraw (take out) money from our bank account.

What is difference between Number of bank accounts and bank account number?

Number of bank accounts is how many bank accounts and bank account number is the number that identifies the bank account.

Close a bank account that is frozen?

If a bank account is frozen, it can be closed by visiting the bank. A person can also close their bank account by calling the bank and speaking with a representative.

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