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no they challenged each other on smackdown and batista had so much attitude for him

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βˆ™ 2009-12-29 16:49:35
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Q: Is batista and rey mysterio friends?
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Are rey mysterio and batista still friends at survivor series?

I'll tell you something Batista and Rey Mysterio are not friends anymore during their match at Survivor Series because Batista did serious of Batista Bombs on poor Rey Mysterio and the referees took him away in a stretcher and I hate to say this BATISTA IS A BITCH!!!!!!Batista and Rey Mysterio are friends. It is just a storyline with Rey Mysterio and Batista not being friends.

Are batista and rey mysterio still friends after survivor series?

no but rey wants to They are still friends, Batista and Rey Mysterio not being friends is just a storyline.

Is rey mysterio and and bastia couisn?

No, Rey Mysterio and Batista aren't cousins but they are friends.

Is rey mysterio brothers with batista?

no. they are friends or something.

Are Batista And Rey Mysterio Best Friends?


Are Rey Mysterio and Batista still friends?

Yes they are.

Is batista rey mysterio brother?

No, Batista and Rey Mysterio are not related.

Is rey mysterio friends with batista?

"the 619 biggest little man" Rey Mysterio still has much respect and love for his 'like' brother but wonders what? was the attack for after the fatal four way match (Undertaker, CM Punk, Batista & Rey Mysterio). - taaufaa.Yes, Rey Mysterio and Batista really are friends

Is batista rey mysterio brother in 2009?

No, Batista and Rey Mysterio are not related.

Who is stronger batista or rey mysterio?

Batista is the strongest of course. Batista is stronger than Rey Mysterio.

Who is Batistas friends?

Rey Mysterio is Batista's friendby Anthony Chamoun

Are rey mysterio and batista friends?

not in wwe (fake) yea,they are really good friends!

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