Is belly dancing a ritual

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Is belly dancing a ritual
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Where was belly dancing created?

Belly Dancing was originally from Turkey

What is belly dancing called in Arabic?

الرقص الشرقي = Belly Dancing

Do Mexican people do belly dancing?

Belly Dancing is not the native dance form of indigenous Mexican people, but if they want to, they can learn and practice belly dancing. Shakira Lebanese roots and belly dancing is widely popular in Lebanon which is why she dances it.

Is belly dancing a good work out?

Yes Belly Dancing is a good work out if you do it right :)

Can belly dancing burn belly fat?

Yes it can!

What religion is associated with European dancing?

Many religions are associated with European ritual dancing, including Christianity and Judaism. This form of ritual dancing eventually fell out of favor among Christians.

How can belly dancing be healthy?

your belly gets exercise :] this is funny

What kind of fabric is best for belly dancing?

Calico, chiffon and metallic these fabrics are popular and best for belly dancing.

Were did the belly dance come from?

Belly dancing came from Turkey and Egypt.

Is belly dancing from India?


What are the dances in Chad?

belly dancing

Who invented belly dancing?