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Is black appropriate attire for a female guest at a wedding in Greece?

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Q: Is black appropriate attire for a female guest at a wedding in Greece?
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For a female, a chic wedding outfit would be a mid-length dress that is comfortable and elegant. For a male, a chic outfit would be a tuxedo or suit with a tie and bright shirt.

Is black and green suitable attire for a female guest at a wedding?

Yes and no, The black and green kind of... (to some beliefs) brings bad luck and evil, so my best advice is ask the bride and groom. :)

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That would depend upon whether one is a member of the wedding party, or just a guest. If a member of the wedding party, ask the bride and groom. Otherwise, dress in nice clothes. It doesn't have to be formal, but clothes should be modest and clean. Those who are Jehovah's Witnesses will most likely wear a suit and tie if male, or a dress or skirt/blouse combo if female. If you are a female visitor, you would probably feel comfortable in a pants suit appropriate for the occasion.

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