Is bombs away48 the best player in runescape?

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Who is the best player in Runescape?

Gertjaars is the best player on RuneScape because he is the top on the Highscores. Lmao actually gertjaars is ranked at like 1000 something so yeah.... gertjaars is fail.

Who is the best RuneScape player?

"Best" can be measured in many ways - richest, most experience, longest playing, etc. As of November 14 th 2009, Gertjaars has the highest overall hi-score of 1,848,184,048.

Who is the best RuneScape player in the world?

Mamas boy 07 is the best he just started of in 07 and he is the best runescape player as of forever and has his dungineering is 120 with 200 million xp.

Who are the best players in RuneScape?

The top five players in RuneScape as of November 2008 are:. 1.Gertjaarr 2.Kingduff 3.yogosun 4.Green098 5.Madgamer2 These guys all don't have lives though:p

Why is littlefaraj the best RuneScape player?

Because he is the most honest and brave warrior in the whole game. im a level 123 with full dharoks and he still owned me. his clan consisting of 18 people. all lower then lev

Who is the best runescape player in the word?

looklook win is one of the best players known in runescape.his a real life gangster(latin king) gets along well with all lvs. and respects others and his one of the best pkers
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Who is the best player in RuneScape ever?

That depends what criteria you use to define who is "best". One criterium is the hi-scores, which you can access on the RuneScape site. Actually this is the only criterium tha
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Best runescape player in the world?

Personally i think its TehNoobShow but otherwise their is really no "best player" in runescaoe.