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There is no "safe" or "better" sugar for a diabetic other than less sugar.

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Q: Is brown sugar better for a diabetic person?
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diabetic friendly foods?

Diabetic friendly foods are low in carbs and fat. They should use a no calorie sugar substitute rather than white or brown sugar. Whole grains are better than white bread or pasta.

What should a diabetic person's blood sugar be?


Is honey good for diabetic person?

Sugar is sugar. Honey is no better or worse than any other sugar. It may, because of the flavor, entice a person to eat more of it than some other form of sugar. A diabetic must follow the medical advice that the doctor provides and monitor blood sugar concentration as required.

Sugar sugar substitutes What is better?

sugar is better but I would prefer brown sugar

Can a diabetic person eat cane sugar?

No Because It Is Bad For Them.

If a person has blood sugar of 6.2 after eating is he called a diabetic?

no, only your doctor will establish whether a person is diabetic after some blood tests.

Can a diabetic person take Nescafe?

yes but without milk and sugar

what does the term baseline sugar or sugar baseline mean and how is it determined for a diabetic or just a normal person?

what does the term sugar baseline mean and how is it determined for a person

What is an acceptable blood sugar range after eating for a diabetic person?

An acceptable blood sugar range after eating for a diabetic person can be a little over 125 mg/dl. However, being diabetic is not healthy and one should strive to get their blood sugar range below 125 mg/dl.

How much sugar does a person need each day?

It depends a lot on the person. Some people are diabetic and eat no sugar at all.

Are plantain bananas is not prohibited to diabetic person?

The fruit bananas are not given to people who are diabetic patients as it increases their sugar level.

Why does a diabetic person has high blood sugar levels?

because of insulin insufficient

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